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SIAM Child Care Grants

Check the website of the next conference you are attending to see if child care grants are available.

Mariangel Garcia 

I recently earned my PhD in computational sciences, and having SIAM supporting my research was one of the best experiences I had as a PhD student. By the time I got awarded, my baby was eight months old and I was still nursing. It was my first time attending a conference as a PhD student mom. I was able to present my work, network, and enjoy the conference for the entire week, with the peace of mind that my baby was in good care. After this first experience as a scientist mom, I have been presenting my research at many SIAM conferences, performing awarded research, and taking my child with me to each conference, thanks to the funding SIAM provided. I am truly thankful for the opportunity.

David Gleich

The larger SIAM conferences are known for their high technical quality levels and comprehensive coverage of their fields — and also for their length. The 2015 SIAM CSE meeting stretched from Friday March 13th to Wednesday March 18th. I would have felt incredibly guilty about attending the entire meeting and leaving my wife at home alone to take care of our six month old son considering that my session was over on Saturday morning. The SIAM Child Care grant helped to cover a large portion of my wife’s flight to Salt Lake so I was able to stay for the entire meeting and she could look after our son during the day and I could help out during the evening and night. This made it possible for me to enjoy attending the meeting and spend more time engaging with the community!

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