Interested in Writing for SIAM News?

Write for SIAM News

Do you like writing about cutting-edge applied mathematical and computational science research? Do you have a background in applied mathematical sciences and a strong interest in scientific writing? Successful SIAM News writers combine a strong mathematical background with the ability to explain technical concepts to our multidisciplinary audience, all the while piquing reader interest in the broad applications of mathematics. Interested writers may email a resume and three science writing samples, if available, to [email protected] for consideration.

Write for the SIAM News Blog

One of the objectives of the SIAM News site is to create an online environment that emphasizes and shares the importance of math in everyday life, helping lay the groundwork for scientific advances and new discoveries, and enabling leaders and policy makers to make informed decisions. 

You can help us do this by contributing to the SIAM News Blog! Do you have information to share on any of the following topics? 

  1. Updates on cutting edge research and development, novel methods and applications in applied math and computational science
  2. Announcements about events and happenings in the field  
  3. SIAM-related communications, including information on prizes, Fellows, committees, conferences, activity groups, student chapters, membership renewals, journals, and more
  4. Reports on special projects, concerns, and general issues on public policy, education, professional development, and industrial affairs in applied math, computational science, and related STEM fields
  5. Insights on broader issues relevant to the community on regional, national, or global scales, especially articles that solicit discussion and feedback from the community.

Submit your article or idea to [email protected].

Target Audience

SIAM members, non-member mathematicians and computational scientists, early-career researchers, graduate and PhD students, K-12 teachers looking to learn more about math modeling and advanced degrees


  • 400-800 words in length (can be longer if needed)
  • Articles should be written at high school reading level, so translatable to most
  • Be accompanied by a short (50-word) bio of the writer along with a dynamic photo
  • Include embedded links to sites wherever facts/figures are used to support the post 
  • Include an image related to the article content (if relevant/possible). A good image makes a big difference and generally attracts more readers. Free stock photos may be used    
  • Include a question, statement and/or call-to-action that will engage the reader (if relevant/possible)
  • Include at least 5 keywords from your article that can be used as article tags
  • Submissions can be reposted to/from your own personal/professional blog if applicable, or any article you may have written for another publication, as long as permission is obtained from the source publication and its reuse is specified at the end of the post.