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Visiting Lecturer Program – September Spotlights

The SIAM Visiting Lecturer Program (VLP) provides the community with a roster of experienced and inspirational applied mathematicians and computational scientists in industry, government, and academia, who can speak on topics that are of interest to developing professional mathematicians. 

Learn more about the following speakers from Oregon, Nevada, California, and Illinois and contact them if you are interested in them speaking at your institution.


Aaron Arnoldsen
Global Demand & Supply Management Technology Director – Pricing, Planning, & Inventory, Nike Inc | Beaverton, Oregon, U.S. 

Job Description: Developed vision, strategy, and operating model to make a transformational change to Nike Direct Pricing, Promotion, and Markdown capability. / Worked with Senior executive team to prepare organization for massive price management change including the investment needed to run program. / Lead the Product team tasked with revolutionizing Nike planning process & tools. / Executed Space Planning process & tool change allowing Nike to plan Nike owned store fixture & planograms to enable hyper local assortments and store specific capacities. 

Other Positions: Global Consumer Direct Technology (CDT) Product Director – Inventory Management; Nike Inc 

Education: Bachelor of Science, Economics & Mathematics   /   Master of Science in Analytics (Northwestern); Master of Business Administration (University of Florida) 
Other information: Accepted as member of International High IQ Society (MENSA). 

Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Product Design & Advanced Analytics in Demand Sensing & Optimization / Graduate math students and beyond 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Making Big Data & Analytics a Reality in Industry / General audience (calculus experience and experience with proofs not required!)
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: What do I use a Math degree for in the real world / Undergraduate math majors and beyond


Marylesa Howard
Supervisor II, Nevada National Security Site | Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. 

Job Description: Specializes in image and signal processing in support of nuclear physics for the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. / Develops algorithms describing physics models to extract information from diagnostic system data for experiments conducted with the National Laboratories. / Supervisor to a team of scientists, mathematicians, and physicists. 

Education: B.A. Mathematics   /   M.S. Mathematics   /   Ph.D. Mathematics 

Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Mathematics, Engineering and Science in Nuclear Security / Undergraduate math majors and beyond 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: A Mathematics Career in Industry / Undergraduate math majors and beyond


Gary Green
Retiree Casual, The Aerospace Corporation | Orange County, California, U.S. 

Job Description:
 Numerical analyst on program used to model launch vehicles. / Program review, overseeing algorithm development and its implementing software design for both launch vehicles and spacecraft. / Addressed satellite visibility and proximity problems by determining access to ground targets by space borne sensors, ground observation windows for orbiting objects, and helping design the orbits for military space systems. / Selected strategies for injecting new spacecrafts into constellations. / Developed software used to predict and avoid collisions in space and tested DoD software performing the same function. / Headed a group that addressed location problems, including determining the orbits of space objects and finding locations of objects on the earth surface. / Investigated threats against military space systems. 

Other Positions: Assistant Professor, California State College, Stanislaus

Education: B.S. Mathematics (Idaho) / M.S. Mathematics (Michigan State) / PhD Mathematics (Penn State) 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Region Coverage from a Satellite, A Representative Industrial Problem / Undergraduates with limited linear algebra and calculus 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Satellite System Evaluation, A Representative Industrial Problem / Undergraduates with limited linear algebra and calculus 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: IUS Gamma Guidance, An Example of an Industrial Problem Tree / Undergraduates with limited linear algebra and calculus

Availability Constraints: None 
Geographical Constraints: Will travel within the Southern California area without charge to student chapters and institutions

Lois Curfman McInnes
Senior Computational Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory | Lemont, Illinois, U.S. 

Job Description:
 Investigate numerical algorithms and software (in the PETSc library) for the parallel solution of large-scale scientific applications involving nonlinear partial differential equations and related optimization problems, with emphasis on high-performance multiphysics simulations. / Lead work on mathematical libraries in the DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP), featuring collaboration on the Extreme-scale Scientific Software Development Kit (xSDK), which is working toward a software ecosystem for high-performance numerical libraries. / Improve developer productivity and software sustainability in the IDEAS software productivity project

Other Positions: Worked in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory in various capacities since initial appointment in 1993, as a DOE Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow.

Education: B.S. in Mathematics and Physics, Summa Cum Laude, Muhlenberg College   /   Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Virginia   /   SIAM Fellow 

Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Applied Math and Computational Science at DOE Labs (+ My Career Path) / Undergraduate math majors and beyond 
Possible Lecture Topic and Audience: Toward Community Software Ecosystems for High-Performance Computational Science / Undergraduate math majors and beyond

Geographical Constraints: Logistics would be easiest within driving distance of Rockville, MD or Argonne National Laboratory. Would prefer to bundle trips to other locations with other business travel, due to job and family logistics challenges.

Learn more about hosting a speaker at your institution by visiting the Program Guidelines.

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