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Upcoming NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences

SIAM is proud to be a member of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS). This year, the National Science Foundation has announced support for two NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences to be held in 2016, bringing the number of such conferences since the NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference Series began in 1969 to 358!

These conferences are intended to stimulate interest and activity in mathematical research. Each five day conference features a distinguished lecturer who delivers ten lectures on a topic of important current research in one sharply focused area of the mathematical sciences. The lecturer subsequently prepares an expository monograph based upon these lectures, which is normally published as a part of a regional conference series. Depending upon the conference topic, the monograph may be published by SIAM, the American Mathematical Society, or jointly by the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Support for about 30 participants is provided (though deadlines are quickly approaching) and the conference organizer invites both established researchers and interested newcomers, including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, to attend. Learn more and get registered early.

2016 Conferences

Discrete Painleve Equations

Nalini Joshi, lecturer
May 16-20 at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Baofeng Feng and Andras Balogh, organizers
956-665-2269, [email protected]
956-665-3460, [email protected]

Topological Data Analysis: Topology, Geometry, and Statistics

Sayan Mukherjee, lecturer
May 31- June 4 at the University of Texas at Austin
Lizhen Lin, Peter Mueller, and Rachel Ward, organizers
512-475-8838, [email protected]
512-471-7168, [email protected]
979-229-1584, [email protected]

2017 Request for Proposals

Information about submitting proposals for future conferences may be found at Call for Proposals for the 2017 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences. Institutions that are interested in increasing their research activity and profile are especially encouraged to apply.  Proposals for conferences to be held in 2017 are due by April 29, 2016.  Questions should be directed to:

1529 18th St. NW
Washington DC 20036
Email: [email protected]

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