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SIAM Review Celebrates its 60th Volume

Volume 1, Issue 1 of SIAM Review was published in January of 1959.
SIAM Review (SIREV) – our flagship journal – marks its 60th volume this year! In January of 1959, Volume 1, Issue 1 consisted of 11 articles, 4 problems, and 5 book reviews. You can read the very first published paper, “Systems of Linear Relations”, and enjoy access to SIREV’s 10 most-downloaded articles.

Thanks to SIAM members and the larger applied mathematics and computational science community, the publication has grown tremendously over the last six decades. It includes five sections per issue – Survey and Review, Research Spotlights, Education, Book Reviews, and SIGEST. The SIGEST section features a version of a paper chosen from one of SIAM’s research journals, with each journal being included in turn, allowing readers from all segments of the SIAM community to stay current with important research from outside of their own areas of specialization.

To celebrate 60 volumes of SIAM Review, we are providing access to its top 10 most read articles for free through the end of 2018!

  • The most popular SIAM Review article, “The Structure and Function of Complex Networks,” surveyed mathematical developments used to understand and predict behavior in networked systems like the Internet and social and biological networks. In the latest issue of SIAM News, author Mark Newman offers his insight on why the paper continues to spark so much interest.
  • The second, “Tensor Decompositions and Applications,” presents an overview of higher-order tensor decompositions, their applications in fields such as numerical analysis, data mining, neuroscience, and graph analysis, as well as the various software packages available for working with them.

SIAM President Nick Higham traces the history of the journal in his most recent SIAM News column.

Browse the full list of top 10 articles, and learn more about SIAM Review here.

Interested in submitting to SIREV? Learn more about the editorial and submissions policies for this esteemed publication.
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