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SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences (LS24)

The life sciences have become increasingly quantitative as new technologies facilitate collection and analysis of vast amounts of data ranging from complete genomic sequences of organisms to satellite imagery of forest landscapes on continental scales. As a consequence, mathematics and computational science have become crucial technologies for the study of complex models of biological processes.

The SIAM Activity Group on Life Sciences brings together researchers who seek to develop and apply mathematical and computational methods in all areas of the life sciences. This conference of the activity group will provide a cross-disciplinary forum for catalyzing mathematical research and applications relevant to the life sciences in academia, industry, or government. It will facilitate rapid diffusion of new mathematical/computational methods and applications in the life sciences and may stimulate more researchers to work in these important areas. Mathematicians, life scientists, computational biologists, bioengineers, and others interested in mathematical and computational analysis of biological systems are encouraged to attend.

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