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SIAM Books: New Textbook Collection

The semester is over but learning isn’t. Check out SIAM’s newest textbooks. Members enjoy their 30 percent discount. Nonmembers save 20 percent off list price through 8/29/20 using code (BKNB20).

Linear Algebra and Learning from Data

By Gilbert Strang


Algorithms from THE BOOK

By Kenneth Lange


Matrix Methods in Data Mining and Pattern Recognition, Second Edition 

By Lars Elden


Interpolatory Methods for Model Reduction

By A.C. Antoulas, C.A. Beattie, S. Gügercin


Foundations of Applied Mathematics Volume 2: Algorithms, Approximation, Optimization

By Jeffrey Humpherys and Tyler J. Jarvis


Probability and Mathematical Statistics: Theory, Applications, and Practice in R

By Mary C. Meyer


Numerical Analysis: Theory and Experiments

By Brian Sutton







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