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In order to create a space for open-ended dialogue online, SIAM launched SIAM Blogs late last year. By creating a hub for news and developments in the fields of applied math and computational science, we hope to inform mathematical scientists, researchers, and educators, as well as instruct and influence key decision makers, policy administrators, and the general public.

Thus far, we've published a wide range of content. Contributors have written on popular topics of broad interest (sports tracking technology, cryptic crosswords, March Madness), professional development (“How to Organize a SIAM Minisymposium,” “Three Resources for Math Writing”), and general musings about SIAM-related fields (“What kind of science is computational science? A rebuttal”).

The continued growth of SIAM Blogs is only possible with your contributions—in the form of blog posts, comments, and feedback, as well as content sharing to expand the scope of content. You can make SIAM Blogs an exciting spot for discourse. Head on over to!

Your thoughts and contributions are welcome at [email protected]. Blog submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.

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