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SIAM Activity Groups Election Results

SIAM is pleased to announce new officers for several activity groups. SIAM Activity Groups (SIAGs) provide a more focused forum for SIAM members interested in exploring one of the areas of applied mathematics, computational science, or applications.

Officers will begin their terms on January 1, 2024 and will serve two- or three-year terms through the end of 2025 or 2026.

Thank you to all our outgoing activity group officers!

SIAM Activity Group on Algebraic Geometry (SIAG/AG) – Giorgio Ottaviani, Chair; Heather Harrington, Vice-Chair; Sonja Petrovic, Program Director; Luke Oeding, Secretary

SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory (SIAG/CST) – Lorena Bociu, Chair; Tobias Breiten, Vice Chair; Birgit Jacob, Program Director; Johan Karlsson, Secretary

SIAM Activity Group on Data Science (SIAG/DATA) – Lars Ruthotto, Chair; Dirk Lorenz, Vice-Chair; Rebecca Morrison, Program Director; Jamie Haddock, Secretary

SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems (SIAG/DS) –  Jonathan Rubin, Chair; Mason Porter, Vice-Chair; Alexandria Volkening, Program Director; Casey Diekman, Secretary; Christian Bick, Victoria Booth, Louis Pecora, Priya Subramanian, Lennaert Van Veen, Advisory Board

SIAM Activity Group on Financial Mathematics and Engineering (SIAG/FME) – Samuel Cohen, Chair; Christa Cuchiero, Vice-Chair; Luitgard A. M. Veraart, Program Director; Ibrahim Ekren, Secretary

SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Science (SIAG/IS) – Gabriel Steidl, Chair; Kui Ren, Vice-Chair; Yifei Lou, Program Director; Fatma Terzioglu, Secretary

SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing (SIAG/SC) – Ulrike Yang, Chair; Rio Yokota, Vice-Chair; Hartwig Anzt, Program Director; Erin Carson, Secretary

Learn more about SIAM Activity Groups.

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