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SIAM Activity Groups Election Results

SIAM is pleased to announce new officers for several activity groups. SIAM Activity Groups (SIAGs) provide a more focused forum for SIAM members interested in exploring one of the areas of applied mathematics, computational science, or applications.

Officers will begin their terms on January 1, 2023 and will serve two- or three-year terms through the end of 2024 or 2025.

Thank you to all our outgoing SIAG officers!

* indicates three-year terms

SIAG on Applied and Computational Discrete Algorithms (SIAG/ACDA) – Blair Dowling Sullivan, Chair; Michael Bender, Vice-Chair; Bora Uçar, Program Director; Kathrin Hanauer, Secretary

SIAG on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (SIAG/APDE) – Björn Sandstede, Chair; Marta Lewicka, Vice Chair; Donatella Danielli, Program Director; Sara Daneri, Secretary

SIAG on Computational Science and Engineering (SIAG/CSE) – Judith Hill, Chair; Philipp Birken, Vice-Chair; Edmond Chow, Program Director; Sara Pollock, Secretary

SIAG on Discrete Mathematics (SIAG/DM) – Dana Randall, Chair; Maya Stein, Vice-Chair; Daniel Panario, Program Director; Sarah Cannon, Secretary

SIAG on Applied Mathematics Education (SIAG/ED) –  Shelley B. Rohde Poole, Chair; Mario Banuelos, Vice-Chair; Roummel Marcia, Program Director; Allison Lewis, Secretary

SIAG on Geometric Design (SIAG/GD) – Hendrik Speelers, Chair; Lucia Romani, Vice-Chair; Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Program Director; Daniel E. Gonsor, Secretary

SIAG on Geosciences (SIAG/GS) – Masa Prodanovic, Chair; Christopher E. Kees, Vice-Chair; Luca Formaggia, Program Director; Irina Tezaur, Secretary

SIAG on Life Sciences (SIAG/LS) – Frederick R. Adler, Chair; Helen Moore, Vice-Chair; Nessy Tania, Program Director; Cheng Ly, Secretary

SIAG on Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE) – Pierre Lermusiaux, Chair; Irina Tezaur, Vice-Chair; Julie Bessac, Program Director; Gerardo Hernandez-Duenas, Secretary

SIAG on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (SIAG/MS) – Irene Fonseca, Chair; Carlos Garcia-Cervera, Vice-Chair; Kaushik Dayal, Program Director; Miranda Holmes-Cerfon, Secretary

SIAG on Nonlinear Waves (SIAG/NWCS) – Gino Biondini, Chair; Jens Rademacher, Vice-Chair; Anna Vainchtein, Program Director; Manuela Girotti, Secretary

SIAG on Optimization (SIAG/OPT* – Luis Nunes Vicente, Chair; Coralia Cartis, Vice-Chair; Gabriele Eichfelder, Program Director; Juliane Mueller, Secretary

SIAG on Uncertainty Quantification (SIAG/UQ) – Amy Braverman, Chair; Adrian Sandu, Vice-Chair; Claudia Schillings, Program Director; Emil Constantinescu, Secretary

Learn more about SIAM Activity Groups.

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