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What’s new at SIAM?
The SIAM News website was revamped to consolidate all of SIAM’s online channels—SIAM News articles, the former SIAM Connect and Blogs, Unwrapped and Nuggets —under one umbrella site, simplifying navigation, making valuable content more accessible, and expanding the number of technical articles and research updates
SIAM continues to find new ways to ensure that authors’ research is available to the community as quickly as possible, while still maintaining SIAM’s high publication standards.
Conference proceedings of peer-reviewed original research from as far back as 2001 through the current year, covering discrete algorithms, data mining, and control, are available online at
Buy or rent SIAM e-books on Google Play 
New student chapters in the US, Canada, Ireland, Chile, Taiwan, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and India
Reciprocal relationship with Taiwan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (TWSIAM)
SIAM Activity Groups on Applied Mathematics Education (SIAG/ED) and Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE)
First SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE16)
First SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education (ED16)

SIAM Review, SIAM News, and Unwrapped, SIAM’s bi-monthly members-only electronic e-newsletter
SIAM Presents, a collection of talks and tutorials from SIAM conferences
Science policy electronic mailing list – keeps you informed on policy and funding opportunities

Access to career information through the SIAM career website, activity group listservs, job board, and meetings
Recognition through prizes, awards, and the SIAM Fellows Program
Careers in the Math Sciences in SIAM News, an ongoing series of career-related articles by members of the SIAM community
Discounted memberships for those early in their careers

21 activity groups (SIAGs) provide opportunities to network with professionals with similar research interests and enhance your visibility within these specialized communities
Conferences connect you with other professionals who share similar research interests, with discounted registration for members
SIAM Section activities allow you to meet peers in your geographic region
Committees, activity groups, and chapters provide volunteer and leadership opportunities

SIAM is the premier international organization for applied mathematicians and computational and data scientists. SIAM provides unique value to its members by bringing together its academic, government, and industry members; merging theoretical and applied topics; and setting the highest standards for its publications and conferences. I have been impressed by the extent of the service of members to SIAM—the success of our society is due to our active and engaged membership. – Tamara Kolda, Sandia National Labs, SIAM Board of Trustees
$275,000 funding for SIAM Student Travel Awards
Over $65,000 in funding for SIAM Student Chapters
Free student memberships for those who attend a member institution, are in a SIAM Student Chapter, or are nominated by a SIAM member 
Discounts on membership and conference registrations
SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO), a publication showcasing student research
Gene Golub SIAM Summer School (G2S3), a free graduate-level workshop
SIAM-sponsored annual Student Days and Career Fair

17 peer-reviewed journals at a discounted price for members, as well as an online journal archive (LOCUS), available to members at a discounted rate
Access to quality research via print or electronic format with more than 400 books at member discounts of at least 30%
Price break for students on books adopted by a SIAM member for classroom use

SIAM promotes understanding of the value of mathematics both in daily life and in the advanced sciences
SIAM has a voice in Washington, D.C., and speaks on behalf of its members to key congressional representatives and organizations to promote important research funding and the development of science policy
Community outreach programs advance the application of mathematics and computational science, and include: Moody’s Mega Math (M3) Challenge, Math Matters, Apply It!, SIAM Nuggets, and WhyDoMath

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