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PP22: Reduced Registration Fees and Early Registration Deadline Extension

The SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (PP22) will be held in fully virtual format February 23-26, 2022.

SIAM prides itself on hosting conferences that provide high value at low cost. In light of the pivot to virtual, registration fees have been reduced and all who registered prior to the change in fees will be given partial reimbursements. Virtual conference registration includes access to all technical sessions, business meetings, online proceedings, recorded presentations in the virtual platform, and the poster session. We hope you regard the fee reduction as a gesture of SIAM’s commitment to maintain the excellence and affordability that characterize all SIAM conferences.

The early registration deadline has also been extended to February 16, 2022 (was January 24, 2022). Standard registration rates will apply February 17-26, 2022. Learn more about the fee reductions below and register now for PP22!

Registration Category
(all virtual)
Registration Rates
(On or before February 16, 2022) 
Registration Rates
(February 17-26, 2022)
 SIAG/SC Member  
$290 (was $390 virtual, $490 in-person)   
$340 (was $440 virtual, $590 in-person)     
SIAM Member
$305 (was $405 virtual, $505 in-person) 

$355 (was $455 virtual, $605 in-person)
$460 (was $560 virtual, $660 in-person)      
$510 (was $610 virtual, $760 in-person)
Student, SIAM Member     
$130 (was $165 in-person)

$155 (was $195 in-person)
Student, Non-Member  
$155 (was $190 in-person)

$180 (was $215 in-person)
Outreach Member  
$130 (was $165 virtual, no in-person option)

$130 (was $165 virtual, no in-person option) 

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For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department.

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