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NSF Announces Funding Opportunities

The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the National Science Foundation and the Office of Financial Research at the U.S. Department of Treasury invite proposals to the CIFRAM (Computational and Information Processing Approaches to and Infrastructure in support of Financial Research and Analysis and Management) program. The program is designed to identify and fund a small number of exploratory but potentially transformative research proposals in the area of finance informatics.

Principal investigators interested in seeking research support through the program should submit two-page white papers to [email protected]. Proposals that involve collaborations between computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and experts in financial risk analysis and management are especially welcome.

A full list of topics of research interest and complete details for the submission of proposals can be found here. Additional information is also available from NSF program directors Vasant Honavar ([email protected]) and Frank Olken ([email protected]), as well as from the OFR liaison, Mark Flood ([email protected]).

NSF also invites proposals for its Catalyzing New International Collaborations program. The CNIC program is designed to promote the professional development of U.S. STEM researchers and to advance their research through international engagement. Grants will be made from the Office of International Science and Engineering to support research and education activities that present unique opportunities and offer potentially high benefits through collaboration with scientists and engineers abroad.

NSF will consider proposals from researchers at U.S. institutions for collaborative work with researchers in any country that is not explicitly proscribed by the Department of State. Activities can be in any field of science and engineering supported by NSF. This solicitation offers support for the initial phases of an international collaboration, with the strong expectation that in the next phase, U.S. investigators will submit proposals to an NSF Directorate for continued funding of the research initiated with a CNIC grant.

Details can be found here.

Principal investigators must communicate with NSF program directors prior to submission to this solicitation. For more information, prospective PIs should contact program directors Nancy Sung or R. Clive Woods at [email protected].

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