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Looking Ahead to the 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting

By Edmond Chow and Sunčica Čanić

The 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting (AN22) will take place in a hybrid format from July 11-15 in Pittsburgh, Pa. On a broad scale, SIAM’s Annual Meeting aims to bring together researchers who are working in many different areas of industrial, applied, and computational mathematics. Yet the meeting has a focused aspect as well — the minisymposia that are organized in various application areas can make the Annual Meeting feel like a smaller version of your favorite SIAM conference.

Along with the dozens of minisymposia that participants put together at every Annual Meeting, AN22 will also feature tracks of minisymposia that are sponsored by the SIAM Activity Groups on Linear Algebra and Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science. Furthermore, AN22 will be held jointly with three other SIAM conferences: the SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education, the SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences, and the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth. Each of these meetings will present a joint invited lecture at AN22.

Every year, SIAM bestows many awards and hosts several prize lectures during the Annual Meeting, including the John von Neumann Prize, W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize, AWM-SIAM Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture, SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession, and various student and paper prizes. Anne Greenbaum (University of Washington) will deliver the 2022 Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture and speak about two of her favorite problems, while Leah Edelstein-Keshet (University of British Columbia) will deliver the John von Neumann Prize Lecture — SIAM’s highest honor and flagship lecture. Edelstein-Keshet is recognized for her far-reaching contributions to mathematical biology, specifically her work on cellular biophysics and her influential textbook: Mathematical Models in Biology. AN22 likewise boasts the I.E. Block Community Lecture, which is free and open to the public. This year’s speaker is Kristin Lauter (Meta AI Research), who will discuss artificial intelligence and cryptography. The meeting is also full of other special events, including the Workshop Celebrating Diversity and the Association for Women in Mathematics Workshop.

Moreover, the SIAM Annual Meeting is a great place for students to network and build connections. The “Student Days” program includes special sessions that appeal directly to students, such as tutorials that offer accessible introductions to active research areas in applied mathematics.

Themes for AN22 include probabilistic, statistical, and stochastic algorithms; computational physics and physics-inspired methods; machine learning theory and applications in science and engineering; methods for partial differential equations, optimization, control, and uncertainty; high-performance and large-scale computing; and scientific computing, particularly in the area of fluid dynamics. The Organizing Committee has selected invited presentations to cover these and other topics. More information about the presentations—together with minisymposia, workshops, and panel discussions—is available online.

The Annual Meeting is a place for SIAM business as well. The SIAM Board of Trustees and Council—the finance and policy leaders of the organization—will come together at AN22 to discuss and vote on SIAM’s most important decisions. The yearly Business Meeting—which includes presentations from the chair of the Board along with SIAM’s president, executive director, and chief operating officer—is open to all conference attendees who wish to learn about SIAM’s financial health and priorities.

After more than two years of fully virtual conferences, AN22 will be one of the first SIAM meetings since March 2020 to have an in-person component. All participants, whether in-person or remote, will have full access to every session. Recordings of the sessions will also be available to conference attendees. The virtual platform for the hybrid meeting is powered by Pathable and is different from the platform that SIAM used for strictly virtual conferences in 2021. In addition to providing easy access to all sessions, the new platform is more mobile friendly, displays agendas in users’ time zones, allows attendees to interactively customize their agendas with their calendar apps, and makes it easy to set up private meetings. Remote participants will find an intuitive and attractive web interface that they can browse, while in-person users can utilize the mobile app to organize their daily schedules.

Whatever your preferred style of attendance may be, we hope that you will join us in July for AN22. We look forward to seeing you online or in Pittsburgh!

Edmond Chow and Sunčica Čanić are co-chairs of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting. Edmond Chow is an associate professor in the School of Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a SIAM Fellow. Sunčica Čanić is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a SIAM Fellow and a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

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