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Introducing the SIAM Transformation Society

Over the years, SIAM has benefitted from the generous support of its members — both through gifts that they make during their lifetimes and via their estate plans. Estate gifts are especially important to SIAM because they help the Society look to the future, plan ahead, and prepare to address any unexpected challenges that may arise. Estate gifts allow many of our members to leave a lasting legacy of which they can be proud.

Because estate gifts are so important, we want to specially thank, recognize, and highlight SIAM members who have already graciously included SIAM in their estate plans. To this end, we have created the SIAM Transformation Society: a recognition society for SIAM’s estate gift donors. Transformation Society members will receive periodic updates on the impact of planned giving at SIAM, opportunities to connect with their peers who have similarly dedicated a portion of their estate to SIAM, and special recognition through a variety of channels. Members will also receive a special welcome gift when they join.

Individuals are eligible to become members of the SIAM Transformation Society if they have included SIAM in their estates in any of the following ways:

  • Through a bequest
  • With a gift of real estate or other personal property
  • By making SIAM the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account
  • By making a gift that utilizes the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their IRA or similar retirement account.

Please contact Abby Addy, SIAM’s Director of Development and Corporate Relations, at [email protected] or (267) 648-3529 if you have done any of the above, or if you have questions about the Transformation Society.

We look forward to recognizing your philanthropy and thank you for your continued membership and support.

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