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How to Navigate SIAM’s Virtual Conferences Platform

This post was last updated in February 2022. 

SIAM is excited to welcome you to the platform for our fully virtual 2022 SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PD22) and SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (IS22). Below is an overview of the features available; note that these will vary slightly depending on the conference. Before the conference starts, we strongly encourage you to watch this platform walkthrough video. If you have any questions, please visit the Information Desk in the platform to post them or to chat with appropriate staff during conference hours. Thank you for attending and enjoy!


From here you can navigate to the Auditorium, Program, Exhibit Hall, Poster Hall, and Information Desk.



All on-demand and live events are available through the auditorium. Click on the screen in the center to see a searchable listing of all sessions. Sessions can be searched by session title, talk title, or speaker name. Any pre-recorded/on demand talks are listed along with the live session with which they are associated. If you prefer to search for speakers and sessions using SIAM's own online program, please click through to the appropriate conference from SIAM’s Conference calendar


Exhibit Hall

Sponsors, publishers, and other societies have been invited to host a booth in the Exhibit Hall, where you can peruse information posted at the booth, interact with booth representatives, or store information to review later in your Swag Bag.

Exhibit Hall

Poster Hall(s)

All posters are available here in PDF or similar format, and most include a short video walkthrough. Check the conference schedule for poster session hours. Each poster will have a dedicated chat room that can be used for 1-on-1 or group video discussions about posters. Some conferences are also screening “poster blitzes” at a plenary session, where you can watch a collated video of all short video walkthroughs and decide which posters you want to check out first.

Information Desk

If you have questions about the platform, this is where you can find help. Click on the link to go to a chat where you can post questions to vFairs and SIAM staff.

Information Desk


To encourage attendees to engage in an asynchronous discussion of work being presented, chatrooms have been made available for each booth, live session, and poster. If you wish to engage in a group video chat, simply click on the name of another person in the same chat, activate a video conversation with that person, then post the video conversation URL (link) back in the original chat room to invite others to join.


Videos and documents that can be stored in your Swag Bag are available here.


Come here to view and engage with the conference social media conversation. During breaks, click on “Coffee Break Chat” to jump into the conference Gather Town for casual video-enabled interactions and games with other attendees. Not familiar with Gather Town? Watch this 5-minute demo video.

Gather Town


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