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FAQ on COVID-19 Contingency Plans for LA21

  1. It appears unlikely that conference travel will be back to normal by the spring of 2021.  Should I submit to LA21 or wait for more news?

    SIAM intends to hold LA21 as a hybrid or 100% virtual conference. You should submit your work under the expectation of having a mode of presentation that is as close as we can provide to the experience of an in-person SIAM conference.

  2. If the event is held virtually, or if I attend virtually, will there be a registration fee?

    Yes, there will be a fee for participating remotely in a virtual or hybrid conference.  Registration fees will be set in the spring of 2021.

  3. Suppose SIAM LA21 is able to run at least partially on site.  It’s likely we’ll still have to consider social distancing.  What will be done in each mini session to ensure that this is observed?  Some of the rooms can be pretty small and get pretty full.

    Hotels and convention centers are in the process of revising room capacities, seating plans, and service practices to reflect local, state, and federal guidelines around social distancing, use of personal protective equipment, and other measures to minimize the probability of viral transmission. Marriott’s hygiene and safety protocols against the spread of infection are available here. SIAM will work with their local conference partners to provide clear information and guidance to conference attendees, and will make room adjustments as necessary to minimize the impact of social distancing measures on technical sessions.

  4. What does SIAM plan to do differently for a hybrid LA21 for those who attend in person than was done for in-person LA18 given COVID-related concerns?

    SIAM will work with the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center and other conference hotels to ensure that all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding social distancing, personal protective equipment, and other measures to minimize the probability of viral transmission are fully observed. This may include adjustments to room capacity and seating patterns and adjustments to service such as coffee breaks. SIAM will work with the conference co-chairs to ensure that any adjustments made necessary by these measures do not negatively affect attendees.

  5. When will SIAM know/make decisions regarding the on-site vs. virtual arrangements format for the meeting?

    SIAM expects to have more information to share about the format of LA21 before the end of the 2020 calendar year.

  6. If New Orleans has more cases of COVID-19 than other cities in the U.S., is it possible that LA21 will be held in a different city?

    No other physical site will be considered for LA21. If New Orleans is not viable, LA21 will be held virtually.

  7. Will SIAM post a recommended/required contact tracing application?

    At this point, SIAM is not advocating for or against the use of a contact tracing application.

  8. What happens to sponsor funds if the conference changes format?

    In cases of conference format changes, SIAM opens a dialog with sponsors to find alternative opportunities that would achieve their sponsorship goals. If no such opportunity can be found and the sponsorship agreement does not address the contingency, the sponsor will be released from the commitment.

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