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Exploring ODEs

by Lloyd N. Trefethen, Ásgeir Birkisson, and Tobin A. Driscoll


2018 / viii + 335 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978-1-611975-15-4 / List Price $64.00 / SIAM Member Price $44.80 / Order Code: OT157


Exploring ODEs is a textbook of ordinary differential equations for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, scientists, and engineers. It is unlike other books in this field in that each concept is illustrated numerically via a few lines of Chebfun code. There are about 400 computer-generated figures in all, and Appendix B presents 100 more examples as templates for further exploration.

About the Authors
Nick Trefethen is Professor of Numerical Analysis at the University of Oxford and Global Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at New York University.

Ásgeir Birkisson completed his DPhil at Oxford in 2014 and is currently a Quantitative Researcher at Squarepoint Capital in London.

Toby Driscoll is a Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware.


ISBN 9781611975154

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