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Book Reviews at SIAM Review

By Tim Kelley

At the end of 2014, Bob O’Malley will step down after fifteen years of service as the book review editor of SIAM Review. Since he took over in 1999 he has selected books for review from the hundreds he receives each year. Bob said when he took the job, “You know, I really love books”, and that love is highly visible when one talks with Bob.

David Watkins from Washington State University will take over the section within the next year. SIAM Review is fortunate that David has agreed to  take on this important job. All of you can help by agreeing to review books for SIAM Review when David or a member of his editorial board calls.

Tim Kelley is editor-in-chief of SIAM Review and chairs the SIAM Board of Trustees. He is the Drexel Professor of Mathematics at North Carolina State University. 

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