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An Invitation from the Research Spotlights Section of SIAM Review

By Tim Kelley and Evelyn Sander

The "Research Spotlights" section of SIAM Review, like each of the journal’s three other sections, has a specific mission. "Research Spotlights" articles feature timely research topics or software with broad appeal to the SIREV readership. We invite members of the community to submit articles for the Research Spotlights section.

Articles should be short (about 15-20 pages in published form). Articles of this length can have a broader scope than feasible for research announcements, while being accessible to readers outside the field without major time commitments on their part.

Articles should not be excessively technical but should provide enough background that readers can understand them without exploring outside sources. Statements should be accurate and precise and, if needed, can reference details elsewhere.

Contacting the section editor is always a good idea before writing a SIREV article. All the section editors welcome the opportunity to help prospective authors.

Tim Kelley is editor-in-chief of SIAM Review and chairs the SIAM Board of Trustees. He is the Drexel Professor of Mathematics at North Carolina State University. Evelyn Sander ([email protected]) is the "Research Spotlights" section editor and a professor of mathematics at George Mason University.

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