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2024 SIAM Annual Meeting with Online Component

What does it mean that AN24 will have an “online component”?

From July 8-12, 2024, we will meet in person in Spokane, Washington for 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting (AN24), including an outstanding lineup of plenary and prize talks, industry talks and panel, minitutorials, several receptions, Student Days programming, the Workshop Celebrating Diversity, the Association for Women in Mathematics workshop, professional development opportunities, and the latest results from the applied and industrial math communities presented in minisymposia, contributed sessions, and poster sessions.

After the in-person conference, an online component will take place the following week, from July 18-20, 2024. During the online component, plenary and prize talks recorded during the in-person component in Spokane will be played at scheduled times for online participants, and the speakers will be invited to hold live Q&A sessions following the playing of their recorded talks. The online event will also include minisymposia and contributed sessions to allow those who cannot be present in Spokane an opportunity to share their work. Other events recorded in the general session room, such as panels and minitutorials, may also be available for playback on demand at the online event. All registrants for SIAM AN24 will be able to attend both the in-person component and the online component. A single fee will apply to the entire event, including the in-person and online components.

Why is SIAM doing this?

The successful delivery of several virtual and hybrid conferences since the start of the pandemic have positioned SIAM as a leader among scientific societies in making its conferences accessible to mathematicians and practitioners around the world. At the urging of our membership, we wish to continue the spirit of innovation that carried us through the pandemic by experimenting further with online formats, paying particular attention to making SIAM conferences more accessible to outreach members.

How does this differ from the hybrid 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting?

The 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting was synchronously hybrid, with every speaker and attendee able to participate in every session, regardless of whether they were in the room or joining remotely. This labor-intensive and costly form of hybrid meeting achieved its goal of minimizing conference disruptions due to COVID-19; however, it is no longer necessary now that the pandemic has waned. 

The online component to the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting will be asynchronous, taking place the week following the in-person component in Spokane, Washington. Only those talks recorded in the general session room of the Spokane Convention Center, including invited and prize talks and possibly panels and minitutorials, will be available to watch during the online component happening July 18-20. Those wishing to present a talk in a minisymposium or contributed session will be asked to indicate when they submit their abstract whether they intend to present during the in-person component from July 8-12 or during the online component from July 18-20.

If I’m not interested in the online component, how will my in-person experience be affected?

If you are planning to attend the in-person component in Spokane, Washington from July 8-12, you will enjoy all the excellent programming you have come to expect from the SIAM Annual Meeting. Your registration fee will include access to the online component should you choose to watch some additional talks you may have missed in person; however, you can also simply enjoy the in-person event just as you have in previous years.

If I want to organize or participate in an in-person or online session, what do I need to do?

When you submit your minisymposium proposal or contributed talk abstract to the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting, you will be given the option to have your minisymposium or talk take place as part of the in-person component in Spokane or as part of the online component. Once your minisymposium or talk has been accepted to either the in-person component or the online component, you will not be able to switch from one to the other. As is the custom at SIAM meetings, speakers are asked to limit themselves to giving one presentation, either in person in Spokane or online.

Will the 2024 SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education (ED24) and SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics (DM24) also be part of the online component?

No. Only the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting will have an online component. However, presenters or attendees of ED24 or DM24 are welcome to submit other work to AN24 for presentation at either the in-person or the online component.

How will registration fees be set?

For the sake of simplicity and fairness in distributing the costs associated with the online component appropriately, a single fee will give registrants (broken down by membership status, student status, etc.) access to the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting including the online component as well as the two co-located conferences. This includes the heavily discounted registration fee that applies to SIAM Outreach Members, who will now have access to the in-person and online components with their registration. The sole exception to the all-inclusive registration fee is one-day registrants, who will only have access to the in-person component. 

There will be no special fee to register for just the online component.

What is the “Non-member + Join” rate?

SIAM now offers a special bundled rate that includes a regular SIAM membership and a conference registration at the SIAM member rate. Choose this rate to start enjoying your SIAM member benefits today.

I still have questions! What do I do?

Please direct any additional questions to [email protected]. We will update this FAQ regularly as new questions are addressed.

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