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2020 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

The six NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences for 2020 are now set! These are a series of five-day conferences that feature a distinguished lecturer and seek to stimulate interest and activity in one sharply focused area of the mathematical sciences. See below for more information on the 2020 topics, lecturers, and dates/locations. The invitation is also open to propose conferences for 2021, see CBMS is the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, an organization representing 18 professional societies in the mathematical sciences. SIAM is proud to be a member of the CBMS, and as such, part of the NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences. Learn more and apply for these conferences at the respective websites below.

Parallel Time Integration

The primary focus of the conference is to educate and inspire researchers and students in new and innovative numerical techniques for the parallel-in-time solution of large-scale evolution problems on modern supercomputing architectures, and to stimulate further studies in their analysis and applications. It aligns with the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) objective: "increase coherence between technology for modeling/simulation and data analytics".

Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods: Advances in Theory and Applications

Professor Ronald E. Mickens of Clark Atlanta University will deliver ten lectures on the topic, beginning with basic numerical motivations for the method, including theoretical exposition and various applications to differential equations models of diverse phenomena in the sciences, medicine, and engineering, and concluding with open problems. While the general scientific goal of the conference is the understanding and extensions of nonstandard finite difference methods (NSFD) methods that will emerge from the lectures and the discussion sessions, the human development goal is to introduce and encourage new researchers to this exciting field of research, with a focus on faculty and students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutes, whose activities are normally confined to teaching.

Gaussian Random Fields, Fractals, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, and Extremes

The lectures will put the latest developments on random fields from the areas of probability theory, fractals, stochastic partial differential equations, and extreme value theory in a nutshell and present to young researchers and graduate students in probability and related areas. The overall project builds upon the general theory of Gaussian random fields and presents cutting-edge research on intrinsically connected topics to the participants of the conference. The conference will bring novel insights into the understanding of random fields and further promote their applicability in mathematics, statistics, and other scientific areas.

Bayesian Forecasting and Dynamic Models

Professor Mike West from Duke University, who is a foundational researcher and a major reference in the field of Bayesian forecasting and dynamic models will deliver 7 main lectures. Professor Hedibert Lopes from Insper and Professor Raquel Prado from UCSC will deliver 3 main lectures. The conference will also feature a case-study session in a specific area of application to expose junior participants to the process of developing focused statistical tools for highly structured time series data. In addition, the conference will offer "hands-on" sessions on practical data analysis and a panel session with industry experts from companies in Northern California. This will provide participants additional exposure on how Bayesian forecasting and dynamic models are applied in practical non-academic settings.

K-Theory of Operator Algebras

In the last decade, there have been exciting developments in this field of research with applications to several areas of mathematics. The principle speaker and his collaborators have made significant contributions to introducing and studying new concepts. The conference lectures will highlight the recent advances, identify promising new research directions, and help a diverse group of students and early career mathematicians navigate to the frontier of this exciting yet challenging research field.

Analysis, Geometry, and Partial Differential Equations in a Lower-Dimensional World

During the conference, recent groundbreaking advances pertaining to connections between analytic, partial differential equations, and geometric properties of multi-dimensional sets will be discussed. These problems have surprising and intricate applications across several areas of physics, materials science, and engineering, and the audience will have a unique chance to have a direct exposure to the ways in which seemingly abstract concepts and results at the cutting edge of pure mathematics can immediately influence state-of-the-art engineering of photonic devices and the physics behind them.

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