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SIAM Supports the March for Science

By Hans Kaper

On Earth Day, April 22, 2017, scientists worldwide will participate in numerous activities that promote science, science education, and the use of scientific evidence to inform policy. A March for Science is scheduled in Washington, D.C., with numerous satellite marches in other locations throughout the U.S. and around the world. SIAM supports the goals of the March for Science and encourages its members to help make the event a success.

SIAM’s support for the march is based on the recognition that mathematics is an integral part of the scientific enterprise. Science offers the public an open pathway to discovery. It has deepened our understanding of the world and advanced innovations that have yielded significant economic benefits. The March for Science is a unique opportunity to communicate the importance, value, and beauty of science to the public in a nonpartisan manner.

We hope that many of our readers will choose to join us on the National Mall on April 22, or participate in a march closer to home. We welcome your suggestions on how to continue to engage and promote the value of science following the march.

Hans Kaper, founding chair of SIAG/MPE and editor-in-chief of SIAM News, is an adjunct professor of mathematics at Georgetown University.