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Modeling Lipoprotein Metabolism

By Norman Mazer
In an invited presentation at the 2014 SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences, Norman Mazer began by rewording the question in the subtitle: Is a larger amount of cholesterol in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles invariably associated with a smaller risk of cardiovascular disease? He cited epidemiological studies showing that individuals with higher endogenous plasma levels of HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) have statistically lower risk of cardiovascular disease [2]. By contrast, he pointed to a number of recent clinical studies in which cholesteryl-ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitors (and other compounds) were administered to raise HDL-C levels; those studies found the risk of cardiovascular disease to be either unchanged or increased in comparison to placebo treatments [1,6].
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Obama Honors Three Math Scientists in White House Ceremony

On November 20, in awarding the 2014 National Medal of Science to ten distinguished scientists and engineers, President Barack Obama recognized the achievements of three mathematical scientists. Alexandre Chorin (first photo in gallery), a University Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, was credited with “the development of revolutionary methods for realistic fluid flow simulation, now ubiquitous in the modeling and design of engines, aircraft wings, and heart valves,” as well as in the analysis of natural flows.
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Perpetual Motion and the Theorem of Cosines

By Mark Levi
What follows is the first installment of a regular column by Mark Levi of the Pennsylvania State University. As proposed a few months ago, the column will consist of “short mathematical/physical morsels which should be of interest to any curious person, including graduate students, and requiring the attention span of a few minutes only . . . and always with pictures.” At SIAM News we liked the idea immediately, based in part on Levi’s recent article presenting a newly discovered connection between bicycle tracks and the stationary Schrödinger equation (, which was based in turn on his invited talk at SIAM’s 2013 conference on dynamical systems ( We were also favorably impressed by a category labelled “Some Nifty Things.”  
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Switching Diffusion Models and Their Many Applications

By George Yin, Chao Zhu
The current emphasis on modeling and analysis of many real-world applications has led to a resurgence of interest in switching diffusion. Such models, in contrast to existing differential equation-based dynamical systems models, are characterized by the coexistence of continuous dynamics and discrete events, as well as their interactions.
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Inspiration for a Devoted Wordsmith

By Philip J. Davis

BOOK REVIEW: Origins of Mathematical Words: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Latin, Greek, and Arabic Roots. By Anthony Lo Bello, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013, 368 pages, $49.95.

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At its twice-yearly meetings in Washington, the SIAM Committee on Science Policy welcomes visitors from agencies with programs related to the mathematical sciences. At the November 2014 meeting, Philip E. Bourne, the associate director for data science at the National Institutes of Health, described some NIH programs that could benefit from the participation of mathematical scientists. The following article, by Bourne and his NIH colleague Michelle C. Dunn, is based on his CSP presentation.
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Traditions and Transitions  for SIAM in 2015

New years are always times of transition. This year, Pam Cook becomes president of SIAM on January 1, and Irene Fonseca transitions to the position of past president, which she’ll occupy for one year. By the end of 2015, we will have elected the next president of SIAM, and that person will become president-elect, starting the cycle once again. 

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The Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics held its 10th-anniversary conference on the tropical Jeju Island, November 20–22, 2014. The conference was jointly organized by KSIAM and the A3 Foresight Programs (a Chinese/Japanese/Korean research consortium). Among the approximately 300 participants were 75 Chinese and Japanese scholars from the A3 meeting.
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