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"Bike Tracks," Quasi-magnetic Forces, and the Schrödinger Equation

By Mark Levi

In an invited talk at the 2013 SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Mark Levi described a recently discovered connection between two distinct objects—the stationary Schrödinger equation and “bicycle tracks.” A request from SIAM News for an article based on the talk elicited the following well-illustrated article.

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Super-sized Study Groups with Industry

By Chris Breward, John Ockendon

Marking a milestone for industrial mathematics, the University of Oxford staged the 100th European Study Group with Industry during the week of April 7–11. This “Super-Sized Study Group” saw 200 participants attack ten problems of economic or social importance to the presenters....

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Simons Foundation Creates Center <br/> in Data Science

Data science is a hot field. New institutes have been created at Berkeley, Columbia, NYU, Stanford, and elsewhere, with funding from the Sloan Foundation, the Moore Foundation, and the Simons Foundation; it's almost impossible to keep track of the educational programs emerging in the field. 

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Behind the Scenes of ICIAM

Near the beginning of her two-year term as SIAM president (2013–14), Irene Fonseca identified two top priorities: internationalization and industry. These are precisely at the two poles of ICIAM (“which has two I’s”), she says. For SIAM (“which has only one I, but I double it!”), “being part of ICIAM is fundamental to bridges to the rest of the world.” 

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Designers Fine-tune the Aerodynamics of World Cup Soccer Balls

By James Case

The FIFA World Cup of football (soccer in the US) has been contested quadrennially since 1930, with a gap between 1938 and 1950 because of World War II. In the early years, the host country furnished the official match balls, which were sometimes of disputed quality.

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Mathematics as Play

By Philip J. Davis

BOOK REVIEW: Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing. By Tim Chartier, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 2014, 152 pages, $24.95. 

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Where Are Our Free Student Members Today?

By James Crowley
SIAM offers free memberships to almost all interested students. Only a small fraction of these student members go on to become professional (paying) members of SIAM. Because the SIAM Board of Trustees allocates a lot of money to provide the free student memberships, we naturally wonder why the fraction who later become full members is so small. 
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The SIAM Education Committee has released a new report, Undergraduate Degree Programs in Applied Mathematics. Designed to serve as a resource for people interested in starting new programs or developing existing ones, the report was initiated by Education Committee chair Peter Turner and developed by Rachel Levy, Byong Kwon, Edmond Chow, Maeve McCarthy, and Katherine Socha.
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