SIAM Announces Publication of Careers in Applied Mathematics: Options for STEM Majors

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) announced today the release of a free brochure providing information, ideas, and insights about relevant and in-demand career options for people with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The brochure is a great resource for students, recent graduates, early career professionals, and those wondering how their math and computational skills, aptitude, or degree can translate into a rewarding career.

The full-color, 32-page publication contains personal stories and advice—as well as salary and job skills information—from 27 women and men working in a variety of capacities at companies ranging from industry giants like Amazon, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, Intel, Microsoft, and Staples to small start-ups, research labs, and non-profits like the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Social Security Administration. 

Some of the profiled individuals, like David Baraff of Pixar Animation Studios and Kristin Lauter of Microsoft Research, have been out in the working world for decades. Others, like Rohan Shirali, a statistical analyst at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Carolyn Wu, a software engineer with Amazon, are still waiting for the ink to dry on their diplomas. No matter their career stage, all share the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences that have gotten them where they are—useful information for those just getting started or at a crossroads in their math-related career. 

“The Careers brochure is a longstanding and important resource for our community and something we’re proud to publish and provide free online at SIAM,” says James Crowley, SIAM Executive Director.  “To keep the information fresh and relevant, we completely update and revamp the brochure every five years as a service to the applied math/computational science community.”

The brochure is available in print and as a PDF on the SIAM website. Copies can be ordered here. The first one is free; subsequent copies are available for $1.00 or less (depending on the quantity). Department heads, librarians, professors, government agencies, and education groups are encouraged to order copies of the updated brochure. 

For more information please contact SIAM Customer Service, or 1-800-447-SIAM (USA and Canada) or +1-215-382-9800.

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