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What’s Happening: SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee

The purpose of the SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee is to assist SIAM in addressing policy issues that arise in relationship to underrepresented groups. We want to extend a warm welcome to our newest members: Karyn Sutton, University of Louisiana; Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee and Director of Education Outreach for NIMBIOS; and Moe Win, MIT. 

Get Involved

The SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee is always looking for new members and folks to serve in open leadership positions. If you’re interested in getting engaged in the committee, please complete the committee volunteer form! Additionally, committee chair Padmanabhan Seshaiyer is looking for people who are interested in being involved with STEM international festivals. If you are interested, check out the SIAM website and email him with your inquiries!

Upcoming SIAM Workshop Celebrating Diversity 

Committee members Raegan Higgins, Erica Graham, and Shelby Wilson are planning the 21st SIAM Workshop Celebrating Diversity. The group put together five technical sessions followed by a panel. You can check out last year’s Workshop Celebrating Diversity here. The topics to be covered this year are: 

  • A Mathematical View of the Different Biological Scales: From the genomic level to the human interaction level 

  • Topics in numerical methods and math modeling involving ODE’s/PDE’s 

  • Optimal Control and Applications I:  Advances in optimal control theory and its applications with an emphasis on the use of non-smooth analysis tools.

  • Nonlinear Dynamics in Mathematical Biology  

  • Contributions of Black Mathematicians to Current Research Problem

What to Expect at SIAM Annual Meeting 2017 

  • Chairman Padmanabhan Seshaiyer is organizing a panel Celebrating Diversity Committee member

  • Richard Tapia will discuss the SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee

  • Carlos Castello-Chavez will discuss what is happening across the US

  • Ami Radunskaya has been involved in organizing a Hidden Figures panel at AN17, and it will include Christine Darden retired from NASA. This panel will run from 7-8 PM on Tuesday evening

Other Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, July 12th there will be a lunch with WCD speakers, organizers, attendees, committee members, and SIAM leadership. The lunch will include an icebreaker and introduction to discuss the mission of the committee

  • Raegan Higgins, Erica Graham, and Shelby Wilson are also planning a kickoff event Monday from 6-7:30 PM. 

  • In April 2018 look out for The US Science and Engineering Festival located at the Convention Center. This festival will see an audience of 500,000 including graduate schools, companies, funding agencies, and over 200 speakers!

The next meeting for The SIAM Diversity Advisory Committee will occur during the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, July 11-14, 2017.

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