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Welcome to the New SIAM Online Bookstore

Over a year ago, SIAM implemented an entirely new online site for eCommerce: That effort was motivated by the need for a more flexible platform capable of providing SIAM's unique range of products and services. The addition of the online bookstore is the newest milestone in this ongoing endeavor.

What's Different about This New Site?

What sets this site apart from other sources for SIAM's books is its integration with SIAM's databases. 

Some of the immediate benefits are:

·        Accurate prices and special promotions for members

·        Faster check-outs via stored account information

·        Accurate inventory and stock levels

·        The option to have out-of-stock books shipped when available

·        Book pre-orders

·        Faster shipping times (as orders are routed directly to our shipping department)

·        Improved browsing experiences with the assistance of filter, sort, and search features


Future Enhancements

Now that the new SIAM Bookstore is part of our eCommerce platform, it will be included in ongoing site improvements. Specific to the SIAM Bookstore, we are focusing on style changes, additional optimization for searching, and a more mobile friendly interface. We also have several functional changes planned to optimize the shopping experience, such as guest checkouts. While we have dozens of improvements headed our way, we are most excited about receiving input from our users and members. We would love to hear from you directly so, when you finish your transaction on the site, please click the feedback link at the top right to let us know your thoughts.

New Bookstore Site

Access the new SIAM Bookstore here!

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