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Talking BIG Jobs Interview Series

The second interview of the Talking BIG Jobs Interview Series will take place on January 15 at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard time (3 p.m. Eastern Time), featuring Tondeur Fellow Caitlin Waddle as the interviewer and guest Stephanie Fitchett, data scientist at Transamerica, as the interviewee. During the interview, participants will learn how Dr. Fitchett's background as a mathematician has informed her career and her current work. All those interested in participating (either in person or via webinar) should register here.


Featured Guest

Stephanie Fitchett

Stephanie Fitchett is a mathematician and statistician who has worked in academia, government, and industry. An undergraduate abstract algebra class and an encouraging mentor led Steph to graduate school, and she spent her early career as a faculty member in the mathematical sciences, largely in an interdisciplinary honors college. She studied statistics during a sabbatical and eventually left academia for a position as a statistician at Sandia National Laboratories, where she consulted on a wide variety of projects across the Labs. More recently, she has worked as a statistician at a small environmental consulting firm, and currently as a data scientist at Transamerica, an insurance company. Steph earned degrees (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska and an M.S. in Statistics from Colorado State University.


Tondeur Fellow

Caitlin Waddle

Caitlin (Katie) Waddle went to The University of Chicago, where she received a strong mathematical background. She then earned a Master's degree in education, and became a high school teacher in San Francisco. Caitlin has always been interested in the narratives that people have about themselves - how other people view themselves and their worlds. After eight years of teaching public high school Caitlin decided to consider other careers. She is now in the Master's program in mathematics at San Francisco State University and is currently applying to Ph.D. programs for next fall. She likes the idea of working in a team of people on a more concrete project and is interested to discover what job possibilities exist for someone with a strong background in math.

She holds an undergraduate degree in math from The University of Chicago. Originally from Minnesota, Katie loves graph theory, teaching students who don't love math yet, and long distance running.



This interview series is produced by SIAM and AMS as part of the Tondeur Initiatives. These career-focused collaborative initiatives are made possible by Claire-Lise and Philippe Tondeur and supported by the BIG Math Network, which has additional resources at

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