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Student Chapter Funding 2013-2014

SIAM Awarded Over $39,000 to 81 Chapters for Activities Taking Place during the 2013-14 Academic Year

Many of SIAM’s Student Chapters have weekly or biweekly meetings, seminars, invited speakers, workshops of various kinds, and other interesting activities. Below are a few exciting events from our chapters’ 2013–2014 calendars. To read about more chapter activities and see the complete list of chapters receiving funding go to

The chapter at Charles University in Prague plans to host a workshop March 20–22, to which they’ll invite representatives from other European chapters. The workshop will consist of an invited speaker, talks from participants, and a social event on the final day. In addition to hosting regular seminars and lectures from successful alumni, they also held an intensive one-week MATLAB course in February and a series of discussions aimed at helping students successfully apply for grants in October.


Emory University chapter plans to host 6-10 talks from speakers such as Maxim Olshanskii of the University of Houston, and Habib Samady from Emory’s Department of Medicine. The latter will give a talk about cardiovascular diseases and the role that mathematics could play in their treatment.


Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) chapter will host two MATLAB workshops, a panel of faculty and postdocs to help graduate students obtain academic jobs after graduation, one or two guest speakers on how mathematics is used in industry, and a field trip to the Advance Visual Lab, Indiana University.


As reported on the Student Blog, the University of Florida chapter, aka SIAM Gators, will host the Third SIAM Gator Student Conference on March 27-29. They expect roughly 70 student participants, who will hear keynote talks from Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee; Wotao Yin, UCLA; and Samuel Burer, University of Iowa.


UMass Dartmouth chapter will hold bocce ball competitions among chapter members and scientific computing faculty in an effort to build community. They’re also planning a field trip to either Massachusetts High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke, MA, or COMSOL headquarters in Burlington, MA, in addition to invited speakers and weekly meetings, whose topics range from undergraduate research to local teaching opportunities to professional development.


The Cardiff University chapter in Wales held SIAM Chapter Day 2014 on January 17. This one-day event provided a platform for discussions on current research on mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulation of problems in science and engineering. It included poster presentations and guest lectures by Endre Süli, University of Oxford; Andrew Fowler, University of Limerick; and Chris Pearce, University of Glasgow.


In order to promote a stronger sense of community for applied math students, HSIAM, the Harvard University chapter, is matching small groups of applied math concentrators with similar areas of application into “families”. They hope that these families will help open up opportunities in research, industry, and finance. They’re holding talks and social events for the wider quantitative community at Harvard, with past speakers including Stephen Wolfram.


Politecnico of Milano, Italy, chapter hosted a seminar on ParaView (parallel visualization software) on October 24, 2013, consisting of two two-hour tutorials. In addition, their MovieMathematics cinema club hosted a series of films on mathematics and famous mathematicians, and the chapter has plans to host a Ph.D. Day and a one-day visit to a scientific computing company in Milan.


In order to promote the study of applied mathematics, Middle East Technical University (METU) chapter, in Turkey, hosted “The science is fun at METU” on November 13, 2013, with over 1,000 high school students in attendance. They also will host a research competition in April or May, a tour of the Central Bank of Turkey, career-focused workshops with alumni, a mini-lecture on MATLAB and LaTeX, and one seminar per semester.


SIAM encourages the formation of chapters at institutions around the world. For information on starting a chapter at your institution, go to

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