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SIAM Welcomes New Receptionist

The team here at SIAM has grown recently, bringing aboard a new Receptionist. Get to know Natalie DeCarolis!

Natalie DeCarolis, Receptionist 

Natalie is a Temple University graduate who recently came back to Philadelphia after teaching English in Japan for around five years. She is a creative and demonstrates it through photography, soap making, and more recently, comedy.

Q: Why are you excited to be working at SIAM?

A: During my interview process I was fortunate to meet some of the employees at SIAM and it seemed like a good environment for me. The corporate world doesn't present a mission that I can stand behind, but SIAM does. I believe that the work SIAM is doing helps make the world a better place.

Q: Why do you think STEM is important?

A: STEM is important for understanding the world around us and how it operates. It has truly improved the way that we live and made new futures possible. If paired with humanities who knows how much we will be able to achieve!

Q: What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

A: I can fry a perfect sunny-side up egg.

Please join all of us here at SIAM in welcoming Natalie to the team!



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