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SIAM Welcomes New Accounts Receivable Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

The team here at SIAM has grown recently, after a brief partial-retirement we are glad to have Vicki Hall back on staff after working with us for 12 years, and excited to welcome a new part-time Administrative Assistant in the Editorial Department. Get to know Vicki Hall and Kelly Sheridan!

Vicki Hall, Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Before her partial-retirement Vicki worked with SIAM for 12 dedicated years. During her time here she has had the opportunity to work in a several departments and alongside amazing people. 

Q. Why are you excited to be back at SIAM?

A. I’m appreciative and excited to be working at SIAM again, an organization that is diligent and passionate about providing resources that support STEM, and an organization that cares and supports US (the employees).

Q. What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

A. My first job was an operator on a switch board.

Kelly Sheridan, Administrative Assistant 

Kelly is currently a sophomore at Temple University majoring in Communications. She joins SIAM in a part-time capacity in order to gain real world experience in the area of communications and writing.

Q. Why are you excited to be working at SIAM?

A. SIAM has so many intelligent people to learn from. As a student at Temple University, I am always looking to gain real world experience. The team atmosphere is so welcoming and I can tell that there is a lot to learn about. 

Q. Why do you think STEM is important?

A. STEM is the future and what is going to change the world. It is important because it is what fuels civilization. It is also important to me because it primarily is focused on educating young people, something I am very passionate about. To be apart of an environment that values spreading STEM education is a great feeling. 

Q. What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

A. I am very superstitious! 

Please join all of us here at SIAM in welcoming Vicki and Kelly to the team!

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