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SIAM Student Chapters at AN16

For the past 13 years, SIAM student chapters have been invited to send representatives to the SIAM Annual Meeting to present research in special minisymposia sessions, organized by the SIAM Education Committee (currently chaired by Suzanne Weekes). The minisymposia (MS48 and MS77) will take place 10:30am-12:30pm on July 12 and 13 in Commonwealth B – Concourse Level. Below is the list of presentations.

Nicolás Barnafi, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – Analysis of the Open Pit Mining Problem from a Shape Optimization Perspective

Anja Bettendorf, Heidelberg University – Internal Numerical Differentiation Approach for Parameter Estimation for Two-Dimensional Partial Differential Equation Problems

Oliver Evans, University of Akron – Modeling Self-Shading of Light on Kelp Growth in Aquaculture Operations

Emily Hendryx, Rice University – Pediatric ECG Feature Identification

Ariel Herbert-Voss, University of Utah – Generating Audio Mixtures Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Yuchen Jiang, Peking University – A Second Order Time Homogenized Model for Sediment Transport

Min-Yin Liu, National Central University, Taiwan – Evaluating and Improving Sleep Spindle Detection Methods by SPEA2

Christine Marshall, NUI Galway, Ireland – Game-Theoretic Transition Threshold in Hyperbolic Random Geometric Graphs

Ward Melis, KU Leuven, Belgium – Variance-Reduced HMM for Stochastic Slow-Fast Systems

Kunal Patil, India Institute of Science, Bangalore – Constitutive Restrictions in Nonlinear Elasticity  

Alexandria Volkening, Brown University – Modeling Stripe Formation in Zebrafish: an Agent-Based Approach

Marcus Webb, University of Cambridge – Infinite Dimensional Numerical Linear Algebra

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