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SIAM sections promote activity in the fields of applied mathematics and computational science within a geographical region. Their conferences, meetings, lectures, and other activities give section members opportunities to collaborate, network, share ideas, and view current applications of research in the field. Visit for more information on existing sections and how you can get involved.

Don’t see a section near you? The website also has information on starting a new section in your area.

Argentinean Section (AR-SIAM)

AR-SIAM provides a forum for the discussion and enhancement of applied mathematics in Argentina and promotes the application of mathematics to science, engineering, computational science, industry, and technology.

Officers – President: Pablo Jacovkis, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero and Universidad de Buenos Aires; Vice President: Carlos D’Attellis, Universidad Nacional de San Martín and Universidad Favaloro; Secretary: Diana Rubio, Universidad Nacional de San Martín

The Fourth Industrial Mathematics Workshop, IV TAMI 2016, took place August 1-6 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Buenos, Buenos Aires. The Latin American Workshop on Optimization and Control held its fifth iteration July 5-7 with the goal of promoting interaction between leading researchers and students and recent graduates. 

VI MACI 2017, the Sixth Congress of Computational and Industrial Applied Mathematics, will take place May 2-5 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Prov. Chubut, Argentina. The Congress aims to expand the relevance of applied mathematics in various other disciplines; facilitate the exchange of information among scientists, engineers, and others; and promote applied mathematics among graduates, fellows, doctoral students, and young researchers.

Bulgaria Section (BGSIAM)

BGSIAM promotes the application of mathematics in science, engineering, and technology in the Republic of Bulgaria. The section organizes an annual conference.

Officers – Chair: Krassimir Georgiev, Bulgarian Academy of Science; Vice Chair: Michail Todorov, Technical University of Sofia; Secretary: Ivan Georgiev, Bulgarian Academy of Science

The 11th Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of SIAM (BGSIAM) will be hosted by the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, on December 20-22, 2016. The meeting will include special sessions on biomedical applications, computational mechanics, and mathematics in industry. The plenary speakers are Vassil Alexandrov (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Krassimir Danov (Sofia University), Oleg Illiev (Fraunhofer ITWM), and Ivan Markovsky (Vrjie Universiteit Brussel). 

The section also participated in the International Conference on Numerical Methods for Scientific Computations and Advanced Applications, held May 29-June 2 in Hissarya, Bulgaria; the Eighth Conference of the Euro-American Consortium for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences, June 22-27, in Albena, Bulgaria; and the Third International Conference on New Trends in the Applications of Differential Equations in Sciences, July 4-9, in Sofia.

Central States Section

Established in 2014, the Central States Section serves SIAM members in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. 

Officers – President: Xiaoming He, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Vice President: Erik S. Van Vleck, University of Kansas; Treasurer: Stephen D. Pankavich, Colorado School of Mines; Secretary: Xiu Ye, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The 2nd Annual Meeting of SIAM Central States Section took place at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, September 30-October 2.  The meeting had four plenary lectures, by Irene Gamba (University of Texas at Austin), Weizhang Huang (University of Kansas), Paul Martin (Colorado School of Mines), and Robert Pego (Carnegie Mellon University).

Colombia Section (COSIAM)

COSIAM strives to further the application of mathematics to industry and science in Colombia by promoting basic research in mathematics leading to new methods and techniques and by providing media for the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians and other technical and scientific personnel.

Officers – President: Gerard Olivar, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Manizales, Manizales; Vice President: Primitivo Acosta-Humanez, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla; Secretary/Treasurer: John A. Taborda, Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta

East Asia Section (EASIAM)

EASIAM promotes the application of mathematics to science, engineering, and technology in East and South East Asia. The section holds the annual East Asia SIAM Conference (EASIAM) and also annually awards the EASIAM Student Paper Prize. The section’s official website is

Officers – President: Yongwimon Wiriyawit Lenbury, Mahidol University, Thailand; Vice President: Xiao-Qing Jin, University of Macau, China; Secretary: Somkid Amornsamarnkul, Mahidol University, Thailand

The 11th East Asia SIAM Conference took place at University of Macau on June 20-22. The conference featured plenary talks from Hans Kaper (Georgetown University), six invited talks, a student paper prize session, and a contributed paper session. 

Great Lake Section (GLSIAM)

GLSIAM serves Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Ontario, and surrounding areas. It organizes its annual conferences around themes reflecting its members' evolving interests within applied mathematics. About 10% of the Section members work either in industry or in government; about 90% belong to academic staffs or are students. The section website is

Officers – Industrial Co-President: David Lamb, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC); Academic Co-President: Michael Lachance, University of Michigan–Dearborn; Vice President: Leela Rakesh, Central Michigan University; Secretary: Joan Remski, University of Michigan–Dearborn; Treasurer: Emmanuel Tsimis, Siemens

The 2016 GLSIAM Conference took place at University of Michigan–Dearborn on April 30. Conference attendees saw keynote speakers Victoria Booth (University of Michigan), Mark Iwen (Michigan State University), Fadil Santosa (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and University of Minnesota), and Gang George Yin (Wayne State University). The conference also featured concurrent sessions and student poster sessions.

[NEW!] Pacific Northwest Section (SIAMPNWS)

SIAMPNWS serves the Pacific Northwest region of the US and Canada, including Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The purpose of the section is to bring together the different communities of the Pacific Northwest that are active in industrial and applied mathematics. The section aims to achieve this through a variety of activities, including a biennial section meeting and a variety of seminars and workshops.

Officers – President: Bernard Deconinck, University of Washington; Vice President: Malgorzata Peszynska, Oregon State University; Secretary: Ben Adcock, Simon Fraser University; Treasurer: Leming Qu, Boise State University

Southeastern Atlantic Section (SIAM-SEAS)

SIAM-SEAS connects scientists, engineers, applied mathematicians, and graduate students in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The section organizes an annual meeting.

Officers – President: Ohannes Karakashian, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Treasurer: Xiaoming Wang, Florida State University

The 40th conference was held March 12-13 at University of Georgia, Athens. The keynote speakers were Jack Dongarra (Oak Ridge National Lab), Eberhard Voit (Georgia Institute of Technology), Robert Pego (Carnegie Mellon University), and Yunmei Chen (University of Florida). The conference offered travel awards to three participating students, and awarded prizes to the three best student papers.

[NEW!] Texas-Louisiana Section (SIAM-TXLA)

The Texas-Louisiana section was formed in 2016 to serve SIAM members in Texas and Louisiana. Its purpose is to provide ongoing opportunities for mathematicians working in industry and academia to come together and form a strong social and promotional network.

Officers – President: Audrey Addison, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Vice President (Houston Regional): Anusha Sekar, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Vice President (Dallas Regional): Alexey Sukhinin, Southern Methodist University; Vice President (Louisiana Regional): Rob Lipton, Louisiana State University; Treasurer: Ilya Timofeyev, University of Houston; Secretary: William Ott, University of Houston

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section (SIAM-UKIE)

The SIAM-UKIE Section promotes and supports applied and industrial mathematics in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Officers – President: Des Higham, University of Strathclyde; Vice President: Jennifer Scott, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Secretary/Treasurer: Stefan Güttel, The University of Manchester

The section contains 11 SIAM student chapters, which have organized a SIAM National Student Chapter Conference each year since 2012. In 2016, the conference was hosted by the University of Cardiff chapter, and in 2017, the NUI Galway chapter will host it.

The 20th Annual Meeting of the UK and Republic of Ireland Section took place on January 6, 2016, at the University of Cambridge. The event featured poster presentations from student chapter representatives, and four keynote speakers and three early career speakers: SIAM President Pam Cook (University of Delaware), Martin Hairer (University of Warwick), Jasmina Lazic (Mathworks), Sarah Mitchell (University of Limerick), Jennifer Pestana (University of Strathclyde), Simon Tavar (FRS, FMedSci), and Barbara Wohlmuth (Technische Universität München, Germany).

The 21st Annual Meeting will be hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde, on January 12, 2017.

Washington-Baltimore Section

The Washington-Baltimore Section promotes the interests of applied mathematicians in academia, industry, and government in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland. 

Officer – President: Terry Herdman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

We are excited to announce that the Section is being revived, and they are looking to resume activities in 2017. If you are interested in becoming involved, please reach out to Section President Terry Herdman.

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