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SIAM is Now a Member of ORCID

ORCID is a central registry of researchers. Authors submitting papers to SIAM journals can log in to the submission system through their ORCID account, or go to their SIAM system profile to connect their ORCID account to their SIAM journals work. If and when papers are accepted and published, an ORCID icon will appear next to the author’s name on SIAM Journals Online, which links to his/her ORCID page. If the author chooses, the page can in turn list all published articles.

SIAM encourages authors to take advantage of ORCID’s capability, which can be viewed as a DOI for an individual. This unique identifier then pulls together the individual’s work and professional activities from across publications, disciplines, and workplaces. The researcher controls, through his or her ORCID account, which work and activities are publicly displayed.

Those interested can register for an ORCID ID. Use it for login at manuscript submission, or contact SIAM at [email protected] to add it to your account.



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