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SIAM Elects Seven Board and Council Members for 2015–2017

By Gail Corbett

As this issue of SIAM News goes to press, members’ votes in the 2014 election have been tallied.

With three available seats on the SIAM Board of Trustees, the membership re-elected Mary Ann Horn of Vanderbilt University and the National Science Foundation and Tamara Kolda of Sandia National Laboratories. Newly elected to the board was Russel Caflisch of UCLA, where he has been a professor of mathematics since 1989 and, beginning in 2008, director of IPAM (the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics). He was named a SIAM fellow in 2009.

The four members elected to the council include one incumbent––Rachel Kuske of the University of British Columbia––and three new people: 

  • Raymond Chan, a SIAM fellow (2013), chairs the mathematics department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Geoffrey McFadden, a fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and of SIAM (2012), works mainly in materials science
  • Padma Raghavan, associate vice president for research and director of strategic initiatives at Penn State, was named Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering in 2012

A complete look at the SIAM leadership as of January 1, 2015, will appear next year. 

Gail Corbett is the managing editor of SIAM News.

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