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SIAM eBusiness Upgrades

Changes are coming to SIAM’s eCommerce suite of services starting this summer. To many of you, this website serves as a place to join or renew your memberships, subscriptions, and to register for meetings. All of these features will continue with a new look and will be accessible through your mobile device. Additional changes to the site include, automatically offering the best price to members, support for various promotions and faster order processing.

Our goals for the upgrade include:

  1. Getting the features of our current site up and running.

  2. Moving the bookstore online, where you will be able to purchase our eBooks.

  3. Upgrading the backend database system to support the upcoming membership renewal season and the new features we will be adding to our eCommerce suite.

  4. Rollout of our eBook offerings and “eReader” feature, allowing you to download and view content such as EPUB, audio and video on your own device.

The underlying technology of the new website is more flexible and robust. We plan to utilize these capabilities over the next year to make even more enhancements to make the site better organized and easy to use from any device.

Additional features are under consideration for development beyond next fall. Visit in coming months to check out the new features, and give us your feedback by filling out the form, which will be available at the bottom of the page!

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