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SIAM Conference on Computational Geometric Design (GD19)

SIAM’s conference on computational geometric design is motivated by the overlapping industrial and academic interest in geometry. Encouragement of industrial, government and academic collaboration is a major objective of this conference. This conference provides an opportunity for industrial and government engineers and scientists to communicate their needs and for academic researchers to exhibit their current research.

Graduate students, whether trying to decide between academic and nonacademic careers or looking for real world applications for their research, should attend this conference.

This conference will be of interest to anyone interested in applying computational and mathematical methods to problems with a geometric aspect such as applications in medicine, geosciences, biology, architecture, art as well as traditional areas on engineering and science. These areas include but are not limited to mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil and engineering, physics and chemistry. Examples of topics in these areas include CAX, curve and surface design, geometric algorithms, reverse engineering, solid modeling, computer vision, graphics, robotics, and scientific visualization. This conference will facilitate communication among academic, industrial and governmental users and developers of mathematics and software stimulated by problems having significant geometric content.

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