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Save up to 40% on SIAM Titles This Winter

Just in time for the holidays, SIAM is offering a hand-picked selection of top SIAM books up to 40% off list price.

Sale ends January 31, 2020. Visit the bookstore now to redeem your discount.

Offer and Redemption Instructions

Use code “BKWS19” to get 40% off list price when you buy two or more books from SIAM. Nonmembers receive 20% off single book purchases; Members receive 30% off. Offers cannot be combined. During the promotion nonmembers outside North American ordering from Eurospan receive a 20% discount regardless of the number of books purchased. Members receive a 30% discount from Eurospan, as always. Offer valid now though January 31, 2020. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

  • Limited stock is available on sale items.
  • Available only while supplies last.
  • No additional discounts apply, including SIAM, ASA, and/or CBMS member discounts.
  • Offer applies to individuals only.
  • List prices are subject to change without notice.
  • SIAM reserves the right to limit quantities of sale-priced books.

Books Included in the Sale

  • Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice Extended Edition (Lloyd N. Trefethen)
  • Practical Optimization (Philip E. Gill, Walter Murray, and Margaret H. Wright)
  • Complex Variables and Analytic Functions An Illustrated Introduction (Bengt Fornberg and Cécile Piret)
  • Piecewise Affine Control Continuous-Time, Sampled-Data, and Networked Systems (Luis Rodrigues, Behzad Samadi, and Miad Moarref)
  • PDE Dynamics An Introduction (Christian Keuhn)
  • An Introduction to Compressed Sensing (M. Vidyasagar)
  • Theory and Numerical Approximations of Fractional Integrals and Derivatives (Changpin Li and Min Cai)
  • Fast Direct Solvers for Elliptic PDEs (Per-Gunnar Martinsson)
  • Introduction to Optimization and Hadamard Semidifferential Calculus Second Edition (Michel C. Delfour)
  • Solving PDEs in C++ 2nd Edition (Yair Shapira)
  • The Lanczos and Conjugate Gradient Algorithms From Theory to Finite Precision Computations (Gérard Meurant)
  • Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (Michael A. Heroux, Padma Raghavan, and Horst D. Simon, Editors)
  • Numerical Analysis of PDEs Using Maple and MATLAB (Martin J. Gander and Felix Kwok)
  • Parallel MATLAB for Multicore and Multinode Computers (Jeremy Kepner)
  • Multigrid Techniques 1984 Guide with Applications to Fluid Dynamics Revised Edition (Achi Brandt and Oren Livne)
  • An Introduction to Domain Decomposition Methods Algorithms, Theory, and Parallel Implementation (Victorita Dolean, Pierre Jolivet, and Frédéric Nataf)
  • Recipes for Continuation (Harry Dankowicz and Frank Schilder)
  • Indefinite Quadratic Estimation and Control A Unified Approach to H2 and H Theory Babak Hassibi, Ali H. Sayed, and Thomas Kailath
  • AIMD Dynamics and Distributed Resource Allocation (M. Corless, C. King, R. Shorten, and F. Wirth)
  • The Shapes of Things A Practical Guide to Differential Geometry and the Shape Derivative (Shawn W. Walker)
  • Nonlinear Time Scale Systems in Standard and Non-Standard Forms Analysis and Control (Anshu Narang-Siddarth and John Valasek)
  • Stability, Control, and Computation for Time-Delay Systems An Eigenvalue-Based Approach Second Edition (Wim Michiels and Silviu-Iulian Niculescu)
  • The Structural Representation of Proximity Matrices with MATLAB (Lawrence Hubert, Phipps Arabie, and Jacqueline Meulman)
  • Arc Routing Problems, Methods, and Applications (Edited by Ángel Corberán and Gilbert Laporte)
  • Applied and Computational Measurable Dynamics (Erik M. Bollt and Naratip Santitissadeekorn)
  • Chaotic Signal Processing (Henry Leung, Editor)
  • Computational Methods in Geophysical Electromagnetics (Eldad Haber)
  • Axiomatic Consensus Theory in Group Choice and Biomathematics (William H. E. Day and F. R. McMorris)
  • Bioterrorism Mathematical Applications in Homeland Security (H. T. Banks and C. Castillo-Chavez, Editors)
  • Analytic Perturbation Theory and its Applications (Konstantin E. Avrachenkov, Jerzy A. Filar, and Phil G. Howlett)
  • Nonlinear Waves in Integrable and Non-Integrable Systems (Jianke Yang)
  • The Defocusing Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation From Dark Solitons to Vortices and Vortex Rings (P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis, and R. Carretero-González)
  • Nonlinear Water Waves with Applications to Wave-Current Interaction and Tsunamis (Adrian Constantin)
  • Numerical Solution of Algebraic Riccati Equations (Dario A. Bini, Bruno Iannazzo, and Beatrice Meini)
  • Solving Transcendental Equations The Chebyshev Polynomial Proxy and Other Numerical Rootfinders, Perturbation Series, and Oracles (John P. Boyd)
  • Taylor Approximation for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (Arnulf Jentzen and Peter Kloeden)
  • Semi-Lagrangian Approximation Schemes for Linear and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations (Maurizio Falcone and Roberto Ferretti)
  • Introduction to Numerical Continuation Methods (Eugene L. Allgower and Kurt Georg)
  • Minimum-Volume Ellipsoids Theory and Algorithms (Michael J. Todd)
  • Computational Optimization of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations (Alfio Borzì and Volker Schulz)
  • Alternating Projection Methods (René Escalante and Marcos Raydan)
  • Implicit Filtering (C. T. Kelley)
  • Interior Point Polynomial Methods in Convex Programming (Yurii Nesterov and Arkadii Nemirovskii)
  • Global Optimization Theory, Algorithms, and Applications (Marco Locatelli and Fabio Schoen)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice (Robert Mattheij and Jaap Molenaar)
  • Barriers and Transport in Unsteady Flows A Melnikov Approach (Sanjeeva Balasuriya)
  • Computational Methods for Option Pricing (Yves Achdou and Olivier Pironneau)
  • The Method of Weighted Residuals and Variational Principles (Bruce A. Finlayson)
  • Preconditioning and the Conjugae Gradient Method in the Context of Solving PDEs (Josef Málek and Zdenek Strakos)
  • Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Variational Problems (Roland Glowinski) 
  • Mathematical Principles of Optical Fiber Communications (J. K. Shaw)
  • The Linear Sampling Method in Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering (Fioralba Cakoni, David Colton, and Peter Monk)
  • Inverse Scattering Theory and Transmission Eigenvalues (Fioralba Cakoni, David Colton, and Houssem Haddar)
  • Physics and Partial Differential Equations Volume 1 (Tatsien Li and Tiehu Qin, Translated by Yachun Li)
  • The Mathematics of Diffusion (Wei-Ming Ni)
  • Research Directions in Distributed Parameter Systems (Ralph C. Smith and Michael A. Demetriou, Editors)
  • Gender-Structured Population Modeling Mathematical Methods, Numerics and Simulations (M. Iannelli, M. Martcheva, and F. A. Milner)
  • Multiple Decision Procedures Theory and Methodology of Selecting Ranking Populations (Shanti S. Gupta and S. Panchapakesan)
  • Anthology of Statistics in Sports (Jim Albert, Jay Bennett, and James J. Cochran, Editors)
  • The Statistical Theory of Linear Systems (E. J. Hannan and Manfred Deistler)
  • The Analysis of Means A Graphical Method for Comparing Means, Rates and Proportions (Peter R. Nelson, Peter S. Wludyka, and Karen A. F. Copeland)
  • Stochastic Processes with Applications (Rabi N. Bhattacharya and Edward C. Waymire)
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