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“Postgraduate” Membership Renamed “Early Career”

Some members renewing for 2015 may notice that the name of their membership changed this year. Mathematicians who earned their highest degree within the last five years used to be called “postgraduate” members, but will now be called “early career” members. The benefits are all the same—only the name has changed. The reason for this change is twofold. First, the term “postgraduate” has various meanings in different countries, which occasionally caused confusion. Second, the term “early career” is more descriptive of what this membership is about.

SIAM supports young mathematicians who are just starting out by offering them discounted memberships (50% off the price of regular membership for the first three years after attaining highest degree then 25% off for the next two years) as well as resources to network with established professionals and peers and to find jobs, internships, fellowships, and research opportunities.

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