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New NSF Funding Opportunity

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Simons Foundation have announced the NSF-Simons Research Collaborations on the Mathematical and Scientific Foundations of Deep Learning (MoDL), a new funding opportunity aimed at mathematicians, statisticians, electrical engineers, and theoretical computer scientists.

NSF has provided the following synopsis of the program:

“This program will support up to two new research collaborations. Successful projects are expected to have a cohesive set of goals and a convincing plan that shows that substantial progress will be made in research activities focused on explicit topics involving some of the most challenging questions in the general area of mathematical and scientific foundations of deep learning. Projects are required to bring together theories and approaches from theoretical computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and statistics and each project must clearly demonstrate substantial collaborative contributions from members of these four communities. Each project team will conduct training through the research involvement of recent doctoral degree recipients, graduate students, and/or undergraduate students from across this multi-disciplinary spectrum. While the scientific focus must be on the theoretical foundations, relevance to application domains and industry is also important.”

For those interested in participating, letters of intent are due March 20th and full proposals on April 30th. To submit and learn more, visit the program site.

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