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Math Congress of the Americas

The Math Congress of the Americas, better known to some as MCofA, will hold its second Congress in Montreal, Canada, on July 23-28, 2017 – starting nine days after the conclusion of the SIAM Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (July 10-14, 2017).

The Math Congress of the Americas is governed by the Math Council of the Americas (also known as MCofA), of which SIAM is a member. MCofA is an organization of professional math society and research institutes whose goal is to promote mathematics (generally) throughout the Americas, with a special focus on Latin America. A further goal is to foster the scientific integration of all mathematical communities in the Americas.

The Congress in Montreal follows the first Math Congress of Americas held in Guanjuato, Mexico, in 2013. The MCofA is held once every four years.

The MCofA covers the breadth of the mathematical sciences, and SIAM has some representation on the committees responsible for MCofA. As such, applied mathematics is a part of MCofA.

The SIAM Annual Meeting, which precedes the MCofA, embraces mathematics, computational science, and their applications in multidisciplinary settings. It is hoped that people with interest in mathematics and its applications who intend to go to the MCofA will consider attending the SIAM Annual Meeting beforehand.

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