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KSIAM Celebrates 10th Anniversary

By Hyung-Chun Lee

The Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics held its 10th-anniversary conference on the tropical Jeju Island, November 20–22, 2014. The conference was jointly organized by KSIAM and the A3 Foresight Programs (a Chinese/Japanese/Korean research consortium). Among the approximately 300 participants were 75 Chinese and Japanese scholars from the A3 meeting.

SIAM president Irene Fonseca, one of three plenary speakers––with Zhiming Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Haesun Park (Georgia Institute of Technology)––also participated in a panel discussion, “Vision and Global Challenges for 2024 KSIAM.” Min-Jae Tahk of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, recipient of the annual KSIAM–Kumkok Award, gave a lecture, and Chang-Ock Lee, also of KAIST, gave a public lecture.

KSIAM was formed in 1997 to encourage interactions of Korean applied mathematicians with their counterparts worldwide. In 2004, the society merged with the more informal, local Applied Mathematics Forum. Since the unification under the name KSIAM, the society has grown to a total of 554 members and 13 academic sections. Conferences are held twice yearly, and the quarterly KSIAM journal is now in its 18th volume. Goals for the coming decade include more active participation of people from industry and engineering, and expansion of reciprocal activities with international organizations, among them SIAM, ICIAM, and neighboring societies.

Hyung-Chun Lee is president of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and a professor of mathematics at Ajou University.

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