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Joint "Day in Applied Mathematics" Event Held by Emory, PoliMi, and SISSA Student Chapters

Members of the Emory, PoliMi, and SISSA SIAM student chapters held a joint "Day in Applied Mathematics" event at the 2017 ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference.
On September 12, 2017, the SIAM student chapters from Emory University, Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi), and Scuola Internazionale Superiori di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) met for a one-day international cooperative event titled “A Day in Applied Mathematics.” Organized around the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference, the event was conceived as a way to build connections between aspiring scholars from both sides of the Atlantic, and offered a unique opportunity for students from various academic institutions to network and forge new friendships.

The day started off with a meet-and-greet session over coffee, followed by two plenary talks before and after lunch by Professor Maurizio Grasselli of Politecnico di Milano and Professor Michele Piana of Universita di Genova. Professor Grasselli’s talk was entitled, “The long and winding road toward mathematical rigor: An example from tumor growth modeling,” and focused on making students “aware of the ‘distance’ between realistic models, numerical simulations and theoretical results.” After lunch, Professor Piana gave his talk, titled, “Computational methods for data analysis: Mathematical issues and applications to physics and physiology."

The event featured talks from members of each student chapter.
 For the remainder of the afternoon, two students from each institution gave short, 20 minute presentations to share their latest research interests with fellow attendees. Khazhgali Kozhasov and Ivan Beschastnyi from SISSA spoke about their research on symmetric tensors and left-invariant optimal control problems, respectively. Next, from Politecnico di Milano, Luca Ratti and Nahuel Foresta presented on inverse problems in cardiac electrophysiology and optimal switching for marked point processes. To conclude, Clarissa Garvey and Yunyi Hu from Emory spoke about their work with Kronecker product approximations to the singular-value decomposition and multi-spectral tomography.

The event was well received by representatives from all institutions involved. When asked about the impact of the international scientific community on his growth as a researcher, Luca Ratti from Politecnico di Milano stressed the importance of being “… aware of new interesting ideas and new challenging problems,” and was thankful for “… the occasion to present some recent achievements of my work to other students.”

When asked about his impressions of the event, Yunyi Hu remarked on the utility of seeing the differences between European and American scientific communities, saying, “It taught me to look at problems from different perspectives.” Continuing this theme and with an eye to future events of the same kind, he added, “If we can encourage more communication and collaboration, it will be beneficial to all Math and CS societies.”

Overall, the event was a tremendous success, enjoyed by all who attended. It served to show how the applied math community spans the globe, as well as the role that SIAM plays in bringing together students, researchers, and professionals to share and create together. It was truly an enjoyable “Day in Applied Mathematics."

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