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Introducing the New SIAM News Online!

Welcome to the new and improved SIAM News website! As you can see, the site recently underwent a consolidation revamp and now houses all of our online content—SIAM News articles, research-based Nuggets, blog posts, timely announcements and alerts for the community, and more—together in one place. With simple navigation and easy access to news and updates, the site brings together all SIAM awareness and communication initiatives. SIAM Blogs and SIAM Connect will no longer exist as separate sites; instead, all of that content can now be found right here, on the updated SIAM News site!

SIAM News remains dedicated to maintaining an exciting hub of applied math and computational science news, and to keeping key decision makers, policy administrators, and the general public informed about innovative developments in the mathematical sciences. Through this new site, we’re excited to expand and facilitate meaningful discussion in an even bigger way.

As you look at the new site, you’ll see topic-based categories on the top menu bar; be sure to hover over the individual categories to see a list of subcategories under each. Clicking on each category will also take you to a list of all articles of that topic. The home page will aggregate the latest articles from every category. If you’re just looking for articles that appear in the print issue of SIAM News, click on “Current Issue.” It’s that easy!

We encourage you to spend some time exploring the site. Browse articles, leave feedback and voice your thoughts through the comments section, share news via your favorite social media channels, and sign up for e-mail updates. Have an idea of your own? Article submissions to the new site are also welcome for consideration at

Thanks, and happy exploring!

– The SIAM News team

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