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Heidelberg SIAM Student Chapter visits Deutsche Bahn

Field trips to industry companies that employ mathematical methods are one of the most important activities carried out on a regular basis by the University of Heidelberg SIAM Student Chapter. They enable the members to get hands-on insights to real-world applications of mathematics at big companies. Field trips are also a great platform for networking and getting an overview of job opportunities for mathematicians.

Heidelberg SIAM Student Chapter with Hanno Schülldorf

On September 8, the University of Heidelberg SIAM Student Chapter visited DB Analytics in Frankfurt, Germany. DB Analytics is a company within Deutsche Bahn AG that specializes in statistical and mathematical methods. 

Their group of roughly 20 SIAM chapter members began the trip with a warm welcome from Mr. Hanno Schülldorf and his colleagues. The field trip consisted of several sessions of expert talks from DB Analytics and the chapter’s members. They were given a lot of insights into the world of mathematical challenges arising in a big mobility and logistics company like DB. Optimization of logistic networks and statistical evaluation of data-quality were just two topics they got to learn about. Another interesting topic was about an interactive decision support system for vehicle scheduling, where it became apparent that the integration of the human factor is a key aspect in introducing sophisticated mathematical methods and algorithms into daily business.

Discussion between the talks

Not only did the SIAM student chapter learn a lot about mathematical applications in DB Analytics, three of their members got the opportunity to talk about their research topics. The research topics included optimization of dynamical systems, applications for fast feedback methods in real world examples such as heavy duty trucks, and the use of neural networks in modelling complex programming codes. A lot of intersections between the chapter’s research interests and the work of DB analytics became apparent and was discussed lively in the coffee-breaks and in the lunch break at the canteen of Frankfurt main station. 

This was a very rewarding field trip and the Heidelberg Chapter of SIAM wants to thank DB Analytics and especially Hanno Schülldorf and Dr. Boris Krostitz for making this day a success.

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