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What’s going on in the applied math and computational science community? What conferences and meetings are approaching? Are there any new and interesting workshops on the horizon? What sorts of funding sources and fellowships are available? Any recent developments in science policy and planning?

If you are interested in the answers to these and other similar types of questions, SIAM Connect is for you. As SIAM’s online news and announcements page, SIAM Connect provides regular updates on various opportunities in the fields of applied mathematics and computational science. From election announcements and SIAG activity updates to SIAM Nuggets and videos that showcase exciting new research from SIAM journals and meetings, Connect is an inclusive platform for news and information.

Have you checked it out yet? Look for the SIAM Connect button on the left-hand navigation bar on any page of the SIAM website or visit the link above.

SIAM Blogs

SIAM Blogs offers a mix of news and development in the field, professional development advice, and various other interesting content. Through the blog, we hope to inform mathematical scientists, researchers, and educators, as well as instruct and influence key decision makers, policy administrators, and the general public.

All of this will only be possible with your contributions—in the form of blog posts, comments and feedback, and content sharing to expand the scope of content. You can make SIAM Blogs an exciting spot for discourse!

Your thoughts and contributions are welcome at [email protected]. Blog submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.

SIAM Presents

SIAM digitally captures and archives a lot of the exciting applied math and computational science research presented at SIAM conferences. Comprising over 1,800 presentations, the collection is organized into 40 categories, including algebraic geometry, atmospheric and oceanographic science, computational science, data mining, geophysical science, optimization, uncertainty quantification, and more. Also included are video clips of speaker interviews and topic overviews from sessions at Annual Meetings (starting in 2010), as well as the 2013 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering and the 2014 SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences.

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SIAM Book Alerts

There’s no need to miss out when SIAM publishes a book that covers your area of interest. Just visit the SIAM Book Alerting Service at the link above, fill in your information, and SIAM will let you know when we publish a book that you might find useful or interesting. There are 37 different subject categories that cover all aspects of applied mathematics and computational science, and users can choose as many as they wish, including an option for all alerts. Please pay a visit and sign up for this valuable free service.

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