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Get Involved: New Global SIAM Supercomputing Initiatives for High-Performance Computing

Have you heard about the new initiatives of the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing (SIAG/SC)? Our group is focused on raising awareness of opportunities in high-performance computing (HPC), growing the community, and preparing the next generation of young HPC scholars. We invite you to get involved!

To kick-start these initiatives, we will host three virtual sessions that span various time zones and are open to everyone. Each session will begin with a 10-minute lightning talk by a leader in the HPC community. After these presentations, we will introduce the SIAG/SC initiatives and encourage attendees to discuss feedback, next steps, and ways in which they can help.

Please choose the session that is most convenient for your time zone:

  • May 12: Africa/Asia/Europe timeslot: 
    • 1 a.m. PT / 4 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. UTC / 10 a.m. Central Europe / 5 p.m. Japan
    • Lightning speaker: Sadaf Alam: Supercomputing, Cloud, and Edge Security Models Convergence using APIs and Container Technologies
    • Session A: Zoom registration 
  • May 12: U.S./Americas/Europe timeslot: 
    • 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. UTC / 6 p.m. Central Europe / 1 a.m. Japan
    • Lightning speaker: Hatem Ltaief: Meeting the Computational Challenges of Giant Optical Telescopes' Real-time Control
    • Session B: Zoom registration 
  • May 12/13: U.S./Americas/Asia timeslot:
    • May 12: 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET 
    • May 13: 12 a.m. UTC / 2 a.m. Central Europe / 9 a.m. Japan
    • Lightning speaker: Anshu Dubey: Software as an Instrument of Science
    • Session C: Zoom registration 

Register and attend a session to get a chance to win a unique SIAG/SC T-shirt! Please join us next week; looking forward to seeing you then! 

The SIAG/SC officers for 2022-2023:

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