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Finite or Spotted – The Answers

By Des Higham

Apologies if you wasted too much time on these, or if you don’t find yourself on the same wavelength as my answers.

Organisation?  Yes, I am in one (4)

“in” implies that the answer is in the clue and “organisation” is the definition. Answer: SIAM

Study new cars here (8)

“new” indicates an anagram and “study” is the definition. “cars here” gives the required eight letters. Answer: RESEARCH

Loves crazy work out (5)

“crazy” indicates an anagram and “work out” is the definition. “loves” gives the required five letters. Answer: SOLVE

Trick Fibonacci result (11)

“result” is the definition.  “trick” means con and “Fibonacci” means sequence, giving CONSEQUENCE

Scheme to force naturals into beer (5)

“Scheme” is the definition, force is g (for gravity) naturals is N (the set of natural numbers), beer is ale. Putting n and g into ale, we obtain ANGLE (a secondary meaning of which is scheme)  

Finite or spotted (11)

A straightforward word puzzle, DIFFERENCES matches the two parts (finite differences are used in mathematics and spot-the-difference competitions are a familiar concept)

Transform arctan to its focal points (11)

“Focal points” is the definition, “transform” indicates an anagram, the eleven letters are “arctan to its”, giving ATTRACTIONS

Determined and compact, item finished editor (10)

“Determined” is the definition, “compact item” is disc, “finished” is over, “editor” is ed, giving DISCOVERED

Orderly function meets iconical extremes (7)

“Orderly” is the definition, “function” is log, “extremes” points to the letters at the beginning and end of  “iconical” giving ical. Overall we obtain LOGICAL

Transferring some 16MB of RAM, bus has potential to surprise (6)

“some” indicates that the answer is in the clue, “surprise” is the definition, the solution is AMBUSH

Des Higham is a professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and serves as section editor for the Survey & Review section of SIAM Review.
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