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Fellowship and Internship Opportunities

SIAM Offers Resources for Identifying and Finding Fellowship and Iinternship Opportunities provides information on internships and careers in industry, research institutions, and government labs for undergraduate and graduate students as well as those who have received their Ph.D.s. provides a list of fellowship and research opportunities for postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates.

"SIAM is a broad community with increasing interests in the most recent trends in applied and industrial mathematics, managed with high level professionals. Their services are outstanding and very important for the professional development of scientists in their first career steps in terms of networking and advising opportunities. The attention provided by SIAM to young scientists is underlined by intense new SIAM chapter activities and different membership levels and rates, acknowledging discounted rates for students and post-grad in the first years of their careers." - Gianluigi Rozza, Research Scientist and Lecturer at SISSA, Internaional School for Advanced Studies, Italy

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