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Facts about Mathematics and Statistics in 2021

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Mathematics and statistics play a vital part in everyday life. Mathematical and statistical techniques are used to help solve real-world problems, focusing on topics such as disease spread, opinion dynamics, predicting risk of investments, and more. In honor of Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month (MASAM), below are 8 facts about mathematics, statistics, and MASAM that you might not have known.

  1. MASAM first began as Mathematics Awareness Week in 1986 with a proclamation by President Ronald Reagan. In 1999, Mathematics Awareness Week became Mathematics Awareness Month, celebrated annually in April. Learn more about the history of MASAM.
  2. According to U.S. News and World Report 100 Best Jobs, statistician is the 6th best job in the United States, data scientist is the 8th best, and mathematician is the 49th best.
  3. Many data scientists use statistical analysis in their work. In fact, there’s a great deal of overlap between the two fields, with statistics and data science both aiming to extract knowledge from data. SIAM has several data science offerings, including the SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science (SIMODS), and a data science book series and activity group.
  4. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for statisticians will grow 35% by 2029; in the same timeframe, employment is slated to grow by 31% for data scientists and mathematical science occupations. 
  5. With the help of data scientists, a 10% increase in access to data would result in more than $65 million in additional net income for the typical Fortune 1000 Companies. [Forbes]
  6. Bad data is estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $3 trillion every year. [Entrepreneur]
  7. MASAM is an initiative of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, a partnership of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the American Statistical Association to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics.
  8. Interested in learning more? SIAM has 100+ highly-relevant books focused on statistics, probability, and data science. Browse the collection by visiting and filtering by subjects: applied probability; data sciences; statistics.

SIAM is dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics, and ensuring the health of these disciplines worldwide. We are proud to contribute to the global footprint through our many publications, membership services, conferences, programs, and international partnerships. 

For more information about Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, including posters and flyers for sharing, please visit Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. #MathStatMonth 

For more information about Data Science and its applications, check out our animated "Data Science is Everywhere" video below!

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